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Monday, July 11, 2016

Catching up, Part 2 (4th of July weekend edition)

So as I mentioned in the last post, after much anticipation leading up to our trip to Dallas, we were all ready to hit the road on Saturday morning. This was actually our first lengthy car trip with the twins since potty training started and I was relieved that there were no accidents or sudden/urgent needs to go while we were in the middle of nowhere. And also, thank you, God, for bestowing upon us the ability to watch movies in the car.

Once we arrived, we spent our first day in Dallas eating, playing, making giant messes at Franny and Pop Pop's house, and generally embracing the chaos of having 6 adults and 4 children under one roof. 

Partaking in the first of many desserts

Had to bring along some of his new toys, of course

Naptime with Pop Pop: spoiler alert- Pop Pop was the only one that ended up napping

Bedtime stories with Pop Pop

This was cute and all, but proved not to be very conducive to actual sleeping, unfortunately!

On Sunday, we took a walk to get donuts, had lunch with all the cousins, saw Finding Dory (again), played outside, and then prayed for the children to actually go to sleep. Once we had them on lockdown in toddler jail, conversation turned to the topic of dessert (shocking, right?) and we learned that my dad had somehow NEVER consumed a DQ blizzard. I know what you're thinking: what kind of neglectful daughter am I?! We rectified that quickly and through a comical series of events with a less-than-capable cashier, we came home with NINE different desserts. Excessive, maybe, but not the most terrible problem to have.

The cover for our next album (please note Brian's pose)

Frosted donuts with sprinkles for all! (and once again, please note the various toys that had to accompany us on our outing)

Lunch at one of our regular childhood spots: New York Sub

All 8 cousins from biggest to littlest (award for grouchiest goes to Colby, as you can see)

Franny escorting the girls into Northpark, aka: her second home

This pool fun sadly only lasted for a few minutes as the phrase, "DO NOT GET OUT OF THE POOL AGAIN OR YOU WILL HAVE TO GO INSIDE!" is apparently not clear enough.

Pardon the weird lighting (and my yellow tongue), but this obviously had to be documented!

We awoke to thunderstorms on Monday morning and were all fretting a little about how it would impact our Independence Day plans, but thankfully, the rain stopped before parade time and despite muggy weather and my son's inability to avoid mud and dirty puddles, the morning got off to a great start. We all had fun watching the floats and I don't even have to tell you about how the kids felt about having tons of free candy thrown their way. (And relatedly, if you're in the market for dum dums, come on by because we still have about 900 of them.)

Love their enthusiasm in this one!

It was imperative that the dinosaur got a good spot for viewing the parade.

The littlest girl cousins with the biggest girl cousin (Emma, who has somehow learned how to time travel and is ELEVEN YEARS OLD NOW. Sob.)

Parade watching

Candy collecting

Franny & Pop Pop with all 8 of the grandlittles!

We've taken better pictures, but oh well.

After lunch with the whole fam, we spent the afternoon playing at the house and prepping for company to come over for dinner. At this point, the lack of quality sleep situation was clearly wearing on Clara and around 4 pm, she pitifully requested a nap and went right to sleep (without any companions). 

Everyone came over for dinner around 5, and though I have no pictures to document the occasion, I can assure you it was fun despite the chaos. I can also assure you that I gained at least 3 pounds during this meal, consisting of 1/3 part fritos, 1/3 part tortilla chips, and 1/3 part M&Ms (#nutritiongoals). By the time everyone left around 7:30, the kids were completely wound up, so we figured we'd take advantage of their extra energy and attempt keeping them up for fireworks.

Colby and Clara did surprisingly well, though they were pretty much done by the time the fireworks actually started. Clara was mildly impressed (although when asked about her impression of the fireworks the following day, she emphatically responded with, "them are my best friends!") and Colby spent most of the time covering his eyes and/or ears. 

We made it home around 10:30 pm and finally, the kids all fell asleep without protest or noise (and somehow failed to wake up for the 1+ hour thunderstorms that followed that night). Hallelujah!

I have a new obsession with the Boomerang app.

And with that, our 2016 4th of July was a wrap. I have to say that holidays really do get better and better as the twins get older, and though I know they're still young, I hope they're starting to remember all the fun we're having!


  1. Thanks for helping us make it a fun 4th!

  2. I can't believe your dad had never had a blizzard!!

    Fun pics . . . and I agree that the holidays and special events just get more and more fun and the kids get older!

  3. Such fun times! I love the pictures of Pop Pop reading to the kids! I also cannot believe how grown up Emma is. I mean, I really can't!

  4. Amen x1000 to watching movies in the car. I am quite certain we would never travel more than 1.5 hours EVER if we could not watch movies.

  5. Hahahhaa fireworks are her best friend??! That is amazing. What a fun holiday!

  6. You didn't answer the most important questions: What type of blizzard did your dad get? And did he LOVE it??

  7. What brand of double stroller is that? I've been looking for one just like that!

  8. Anonymous - it's a Graco Twin IPO Double Umbrella Stroller!