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Friday, July 8, 2016

Catching up, Part 1

Um, I might be a tiny bit behind. And approximately 8 billion things have transpired since my last post, though you need not panic- none of them are of any real significance. Nonetheless, my OCD will not allow me to leave them un-blogged-about, so please bear with me for a couple of posts and pretend mommy blogger recaps are the most fun reading material EVER.

Two weekends ago, we took a day trip to La Grange to hang out with Brian's family. Much like the visits to the ranch you've read about in the past, we enjoyed having a few extra people around to entertain the twins while stuffing our faces (mine primarily with empty carbohydrates). We didn't spend as much time outside as we'd normally like because it is summer in Texas after all, but a visit was paid to Brian's grandparents' horse, Dakota, and there were several notable lizard sightings.

Tell me I'm not the only mom that thinks a movie is an adequate substitute for nap time on days when naps are simply not practical?

Aunty Shannon introduced us to the wonders of SnapChat! I still don't feel cool enough to join, but after seeing how much the kids enjoyed these filters, I might change my tune.

Aunty Shannon also gave Clara her first french braid- so sweet!

After church the next day, we went to one of the twins' classmate's birthday parties - can you guess what the theme was?

We were told that Batman would be making an appearance and he did not disappoint! Unless you ask Clara, who spent the duration of his visit clinging to Brian like a koala. Colby was enthralled with him but, ever the cautious one, made sure to keep a safe distance (and a piece of furniture) in between.

Because the weekend hadn't already held enough excitement, Allison and I decided to take Avery and Clara to get a haircut that afternoon. In case you don't recall, Clara's first haircut did not exactly go well. Not only did she sob her way through it, but the stylist hardly cut of any hair and the whole thing felt like a bit of a waste. So it was safe to say my expectations for this visit were low.

BUT, as toddlers so often do, Clara completely surprised me this time and handled it like a champ... dare I say, she even enjoyed herself?! 

Look at that happy girl! (For local friends that are interested, we went to Snip Its this time.) They sprayed glitter in her hair, gave her a new bow (ribbon), and the animal cracker dispenser/lollipop reward at the end did not hurt either. 

Before/after of the cutie cousins; when Clara got home, she immediately told Brian and Colby, "don't mess up my haircut!" I don't know where she gets her bossiness or sassiness from, that one.

We spent the following week counting down the hours until our 4th of July trip to Dallas with the Olivers. Every day when we picked up the twins from school, they asked if it was time to go to Dallas yet (Colby specifically asked if we were going to "the Dallas"), and every time, they whined when the answer was 'no.' 

They might or might not have inherited their impatience from their mama, so by the time Friday rolled around, even I was tired of the answer being 'no.' Thankfully, we managed to distract ourselves that afternoon/evening with the twins' 4th of July parade at daycare, a quick trip to the pool, and dinner + dessert with Brian's parents. 

Clara was pumped about wearing her new patriotic accessories... Colby was a different word that starts with 'p' and rhymes with "hissed."

We tried out a new ice cream place where they "flash freeze" the ice cream using liquid nitrogen... I wish I had gotten Colby's reaction to the flash on video- scared the heck out of him!

But clearly, it didn't take him long to recover ;)

I'll save the pictures from the 4th of July weekend for the next post, followed by another photo dump post from the rest of our vacation/stay-cation week... good luck sleeping while you anxiously await both!


  1. I was wondering what you've been up to!

  2. So much to say, but I just keep coming back to the french braid! Love it! :)

  3. 1. Clara's hair is so long!
    2. I have heard about that flash freeze ice cream place. Worth it?
    3. Can't wait to hear about your staycation! Hope you've been having fun. Sorry to bail on the splash pad today. :(

  4. "Several notable lizard sightings" and no pictures or elaboration??! What a tease. That ice cream place sounds awesome!! DId it taste any different/better?