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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend + Birthday Fun

A few things:
1. If you've already read Allison's recap, then feel free to skip this one because they are, as usual, very similar.
2. I came up with my title without reading hers, so the fact that they are both the same is due only to the fact that (a) it's unoriginal and (b) we basically share a brain.
3. Fair warning: reading this might make you tired.

Not pictured: we kicked off the weekend on Friday with dinner with the Olivers at Los Tios, wherein Colby and Clara were mildly unruly and lots of food was consumed. This proved to be foreshadowing for the remainder of the weekend. 

Saturday started off with a trip to the pediatrician for Colby, where he was diagnosed with a sinus infection to match the one I was diagnosed with on Thursday. Our house could double as a pharmacy at the moment. Also, amen for Saturday morning hours at the pediatrician!

He made it out in time for us to attend one of the twins' best pal's birthday parties, which involved a bounce house, cupcakes, and getting to play with someone else's toys, so realistically that was probably the highlight of their weekend.

We made mistake #1 afterwards by skipping the twins' naps to take them to the new local children's museum on opening day. However, there was a one hour wait just to get inside the dumb place, so we promptly turned around and left. In case you're wondering, this is what tired children that were promised a trip to someplace fun and then told "nevermind" look like:

Thankfully, it does not take much to excite 3-year-olds, so a consolation trip to Costco lifted their spirits (amusing to note that Colby continues to ask us what happened to the giant inflatable spider that was on display during Halloween pretty much every time we go there).

TimeHop informed me that we hit up Costco on the same day of Memorial Day weekend two years ago (shocking), so of course I had to do a comparison pic.

The rest of the afternoon was spent surviving two napless toddlers until we met up with Brian's family for an early birthday dinner at Jupiter, which was delicious as always! The kids had fun running around Town Square afterwards and they stopped for 10 seconds while Shannon snapped an obligatory family pic for us.

"Stop taking pictures and give me that s'more waffle, please."

We all crashed once we got home. The only- and I mean ONLY- perk to skipping naps is how much more quickly and easily the twins fall asleep at bedtime.

On Sunday, we skipped church and headed to Galveston with the Olivers for the twins' first ever trip to the beach. My hopes weren't high (because Galveston is pretty ugly if we're being honest), but we had a great time and it was a perfect first visit for Colby and Clara. 

Surprisingly, Clara was the daring one that wanted to go out as far as we would take her into the ocean whereas Colby was primarily interested in playing in the sand. He asked quite a few questions about whether or not sharks would be involved and apparently didn't believe us when we said they wouldn't come anywhere close to us. Ever cautious and analytical, that one!

Their faces pretty accurately summarize their feelings about the ocean in this pic!

Move over, "Baywatch"

Mistake #2 of the weekend was, you guessed it, once again skipping their naps. Colby briefly snoozed in the car, but by the time we got home, they were both in full force grump mode, so it was nice to get cleaned up and take it easy for the rest of the afternoon/evening.

On Monday morning, alternatively known as Memorial Day/Birthday Eve, Allison and I treated ourselves to birthday pedicures before hitting up the pool with the families.

If you can guess whose toes are whose, then you win lots of points.

I have no pictures of the pool outing, but you can trust me that it happened. Once again, Clara was the adventurous one in the pool while Colby preferred to stay on the steps or in the baby pool. No sharks involved (to my knowledge), so perhaps water just isn't his thing?

We headed home afterwards to put the twins down for naps (finally, hallelujah) and it was glorious. Once they were up, we joined the Olivers over at Brian's parents' house for some hot dog grilling, fishing, and mess-making playing for the kids. 

Brian scored some major brownie points (pun intended) by secretly making these delicious chocolate cake balls for our birthday dessert... seriously, I was so impressed- these are not easy to make!

It was such a fun-filled, action-packed weekend that I wasn't even bummed about having to go to work for my birthday the next day... in fact, a low-key day was probably just what I needed! I did get a couple of thoughtful gifts and a fun lunch outing to Ruggles Green with my sweet co-workers, so that helped make the day a little more exciting.

After work I had a brief reunion with Brian and the kids (at which point they gave me my gifts), and then it was off to birthday dinner at Escalante's with Allison and a few friends, complete with margs, chips, party hats, and a serenade in Spanish!

Brian and Wade sneakily dropped the sombreros off at the restaurant to ensure we received an adequate amount of attention during our serenade- they know us so well! The moment we realized they were our sombreros from home and didn't belong to the restaurant was pretty amusing.

And with that, our 33rd birthday (and its preceding adventures) were a wrap. Thanks to all who helped make the birthday a great one, but most especially to Brian, who works hard to make every occasion special for me! 

(See, I told you this would make you tired!)


the blogivers said...

I thought the title was very original... oh well. Thanks for helping make it a fun weekend!

Erika said...

You cram more things into a weekend than I accomplish in a year!!! Glad yall had such a good one, though, and Happy birthday! Clara's bathing suit is adorable, too!

Brittany said...

1. I have never heard of Jupiter, but after clicking on the link, I must go there in the near future.
2. I LOVE the picture of all four kids running into the water! So cute.
3. Allison's feet on the left, yours on the right?
4. I'm glad it was such a fun weekend for all!

Brittnie said...

I think I need a birthday waffle even though my birthday is many months away!

Super impressed that your coworkers took you to lunch for your bday!! So thoughtful!

Emily said...

Okay, now you are just showing off. You've had a fantastic collection of family photos recently and this one is so perfect it's NOT FAIR.

Also, your birthday weekend does sound both exhausting and fun! Happy 33rd bday!

Anonymous said...

Random but I have been teaching swim lessons for years and for whatever reason, all of the boy/girl twins I have taught, the boys don't want to swim or learn to and the girls love it. Even though typically in everything else they do it is the complete opposite.