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Monday, June 13, 2016

Five on Monday

Oh, it's supposed to be Five on Friday, you say? In that case, wait just 4 days and then read this post ;)

1. California
As you probably already read from Allison's blog last week, we went to California the weekend before last for our cousin's wedding. To summarize, the wedding was beautiful but the area (Palm Springs) was HOT. As in, 117 degrees hot. As in, the hottest I've ever been hot. But we had some fun family bonding time (minus our big sis, boo!) and were thankful to be part of Lindsay's big day, so there was that.

Meanwhile, Brian held down the fort with the kiddos, which was a success, as always:

He and the kids picked us up from the airport and this was how we found Clara when we got in the car (and yes, I know her chest clip is too low... focus instead on the headband, necklace, thumb ring, and cute sleeping 3-year-old):

2. Preschool
The twins moved up into a new class at school last week... they are getting too big too fast! It mostly went well, but as has been the case every time they've transitioned into a new room, they were both a little out of sorts all week (which meant I was out of sorts all week, too). Apparently the family collage I made for their room 1.5 years ago was no longer sufficient, so I got to spend one of my weeknights last week assembling this creative masterpiece:

3. ENT Follow-up
Almost a year after getting his ear tubes and adenoidectomy, Colby had a follow-up appointment with his ENT last week. He got a good report, but perhaps most importantly, was reunited with the same dinosaurs he played with at his pre-op appointment last year:

4. Swimming
Basically we spent the majority of our weekend in the pool, and it was pretty great.

5. Lazy Sunday
After all that time outdoors on Friday/Saturday and then spending Sunday morning at church, we finished off the weekend being lazy at home, and I have to admit it was pretty great. 

As I mentioned, we were all a little off last week, and I was wound pretty tightly by the week's end. Add in lots of potty accidents, whining, and general bad behavior, and I was not necessarily craving extra uninterrupted time with the kids. But much to my surprise, having some concentrated time at home with them and no agenda ended up being exactly what we all needed. So praise God for that!

These are the days, my friends... praying that all of us would remember that (but especially me) in the week ahead!


Shannon said...

They ARE getting too big too fast! That picture of Colby at the ENT last year compared to this year kills me! And I think Clara looks a whole lot like Davis in that last picture. It's too bad you (and Allison) don't have cute kids ;) Also, love your dress from the wedding - is that the one you got on super sale? That makes me like it even more!

the blogivers said...

I agree with Shannon about Clara in the last pic. Also, aren't you glad we rejected your invitation to play last night so you could fully enjoy your family? You're welcome.

Erika said...

I love the daycare collage!! I'm just devastated Millie's school doesn't ask for anything like that...hahaha. And I'm glad that Clara maintained her commitment to properly accessorizing even in your absence!

Brittnie said...

Glad you got a mini getaway trip, but sorry it was so hot! Geez!

Also glad that your Sunday evening turned out to be a nice surprise! I do find that sometimes when my kids are out of sorts, some down time at home with no agenda really does help recenter them. :)

Brittnie said...

Oh and I love the daycare collage!

Brittany said...

I third the comment about Clara looking like Davis! I remembering thinking that she looked so much like him when she was born!

Emily said...

Wait you have to make a family collage for daycare? God help me when I have to put out something creative for my child; I'll have to hire someone because my creative skills are sub par at best.

Also, I LOL'ed a little that you kids are "out of sorts" because this week I feel like Aaron is diving back into monster mode. He'd been soooo good since Oliver was born and then just this week I'm like... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.