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Friday, June 24, 2016


You know how most people get Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter months due to a lack of sunlight, being stuck inside, etc.? I've mentioned before that I think have the opposite issue. It's not that the summer depresses me or anything, but more so the heat (and oppressive humidity) seems to zap me of all energy and desire to do... well... much of anything.

As a result, this is the best I could come up with: 

Currently, I am...

Listening... to "Hakuna Matata" on a very regular basis, thanks to Colby's recent affinity for The Lion King and The Lion Guard (cartoon series spin-off). More so than Clara, Colby seems to be in that phase where he finds something he likes and wants to do/read/listen to it all the time (which is why we've read The Duckling Gets a Cookie?! about 7,853 times recently).

Eating... leftovers from our Father's Day cookout last weekend, most notably kabobs, chocolate cake, and rice krispy treats (aka: a well-balanced diet). Here are some pictures to prove that Father's Day took place:

Brunch with the Olivers; I'm sad to report that Clara didn't like her Lilly Pulitzer (hand-me-down) as much as I had hoped!

Top: dads/grandfathers with the kiddos
Bottom: dads/grandfathers grilling and entertaining the children while the moms/grandmothers chatted inside :) 

Drinking... lots of water, as per usual.

Wearing... this Daniel Rainn top from Nordstrom rack... in 3 different colors. 
I bought it in black some time last year and it has been one of my favorite tops, so when I saw it in "coral red" and "majestic blue" at the store last week, I had to buy those, too!

Feeling... ready for the weekend, and more importantly, ready for a full week off of work during the week of the 4th! 

Weather... hot and humid. BUT the highs have mostly stayed in the low 90s, so I'm not complaining (... yet).

Wanting... new rugs for our bathrooms, a new dresser for Brian, new throw pillows, a new shower curtain, and for the bald spots in our backyard to grow grass. A small wish list, really.

Needing... a date with Brian in the near future. It has been a month since we last ate a meal alone together!

Thinking... that you all need to go see "Finding Dory" because we saw it last weekend and loved it. We also loved polishing off 1.5 of these ginormous popcorn tubs... I am not exaggerating when I say Colby & Clara ate 75% of it on their own.

Enjoying... Clara's latest artwork. You know how Picasso went through various "periods" of his work (blue period, rose period, cubism period, etc.) (If you didn't, you do now.) (Thank you, college Spanish classes, for that bit of knowledge.)? Along those same lines, I like to call these pieces part of Clara's "line period":


the blogivers said...

You're alive! I wasn't sure after the blog radio silence (even though I have seen you many times, alive, since then. You never know.) Also, I want an autographed copy of one of Clara's works of art.

stephnachia said...

I thought your top was super cute yesterday! Will it be too 'Single White Female' if I try to get one too? :-)

Terrie said...

We are ready to help you out with date night. Let us know when we get to come play with the twins while you and Brian go out!

Brittnie said...

Love that shirt! You looked so cute last night! I would totally get it in three colors, too.

Erika said...

LOLing at the Line Period artwork. That is hilarious. To her credit, though, those are some really nice lines!! Also, at least Colby's preferred book/song are high quality right now. I love that book. Finally...I might need one of those shirts. Would you recommend sizing up or down (if I wear M and L about 50% of the time each...)?

Brittany said...

I also have the opposite of seasonal affective disorder. I'm a cold weather girl! Clearly I live in the perfect city! :) Love that shirt!

Emily said...

1. You get Lily hand-me-downs?!?! So jealous! Of course to get any, I'd actually need a GIRL to wear them but whatever!
2. I also love that Nordstrom top and now may have just found a reason to hit up our Nordstrom Rack store (which I've honestly never been in because it overwhelms me).
3. Aaron also is the pick-one-thing-on-repeat. Is this perhaps a boy thing?
4. I feel 'ya on the hot and humid. I have been hiding inside and steering Aaron away from any and all activities in the great outdoors. I feel like a bad mom since I SHOULD be encouraging my child to play outside but... #nope. I would never survive Texas.
5. Clara's line art....DYING.

(Wow, I have a lot of thoughts on this post!)