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Friday, June 3, 2016

25 before 33: Progress report

So with my 33rd birthday having passed, so did the due date for my "25 before 33" exercise. I was able to knock out 22/25 items, giving me an 88% completion rate. Not bad, but as Brian will attest, I've been known to be disappointed for getting a 'B' in the past, so I can't give myself too big of a pat on the back for this one!

The three that didn't get accomplished were:

12. Take a trip back to College Station.
There are sadly no plans in the works for this one yet, but I am determined to make it happen before the end of the year, so stay tuned. It makes me sad that Colby and Clara have not yet been introduced to this wonderful place (... besides when they were in the womb)!

Me (with my sorority house mom + SIL) in 2013 when I was 7 months pregnant with C&C

15. Take a class at Painting with a Twist.
Also didn't get around to this one, BUT Brian very thoughtfully gave me a gift certificate to Pinot's Palette (same concept) for my birthday, so hopefully I'll be able to knock this one out sooner rather than later as well.
19. Have my makeup done by a professional.
If someone will find out a good place to do this (that wouldn't cost much) and book me an appointment, then I will gladly do it. I simply am not motivated enough to mess with it on my own.

Last time my makeup was professionally done, before shooting a video for work in September 2013

Stay tuned to see if I get my act together and finally cross these off or not!


Abby said...

MAC will do it for free! I haven't had it done in ages but I love having them do it for me so I can try new stuff without having to buy it first!

Brittnie said...

I am impressed that there were only three items you didn't check off the list! Way to go!

Erika said...

Yeah, Ulta or Sephora will totally do your makeup for free...because they want you to buy stuff. And after they do your makeup, you'll WANT to buy stuff, so it really works out. :) I'm impressed with that B+, though!!

Emily said...

I am insanely impressed that you knocked out 22 out of 25! Wow!

Also, you 7 months pregnant with twins looks like me 2 months pregnant with one. Not fair!