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Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend pictorial

Before I dump a bunch of pictures recap our weekend, I need to share a thought: Joanna Gaines (from "Fixer Upper") and Connie Britton (specifically in her role on "Nashville") have very similar voices. Has anyone else noticed this? Ok moving along.

We kicked off the weekend by making Rice Krispie Treats with the twins. As I'm sure it will shock no one to hear, I am not the type of mom that likes to let the kids "help" in the kitchen. Props to those of you that are less neurotic than I am and find joy in this activity. But they got such a kick out of helping make slice and bake cookies (baby steps) recently that I thought I'd give this a try, and it was a success!

On Saturday morning, we went to watch our friend, Hayes, play soccer. The twins showed zero interest in the game and were instead primarily interested in (1) being annoying and (2) a nearby trashcan. I was hoping it would help get them excited for their upcoming soccer season in the Fall, but no such luck. They were, however, excited about following up the game with a trip to get Mexican food!

(1) Hayes & Clara holding hands
(2) Clara's crossed legs
(3) Pardon Colby's awkward hand position...

Thanks to his parents/sis, Brian and I finished off Saturday with a child-free night out! 

Aunt Shannon with the twinks... please note their book of choice (The Night Before Christmas)!

Top left: selfie + rain in the background
Top right: used my birthday discount at Kendra Scott and got this necklace!
Bottom left: dinner at Houston's; when the waitress brought out the food, she assumed the burger + fries belonged to Brian and the fish + veggies belonged to me, but she was mistaken!
Bottom right: gelato at Black Walnut Cafe

After Sunday morning at church, Brian went to an Astros game with his dad while I held down the fort at home. Holding down the fort included important activities like making dinner for the week, playing catch with the twins with a crumpled up napkin, and supervising nap time (more work than one might expect!).

I have to share this one because it is so darn easy and so darn tasty - crock pot ravioli

We finished off the weekend with dinner at Freebirds, which gave me the opportunity to finally cross "buy a meal for strangers" off the list (and gave all 4 of us the opportunity to eat Mexican food for the second time in one weekend).

So tell me, dear readers, what exciting things did YOU do this weekend?


  1. My exciting thing included cleaning up throw up and keeping fevers down . . . so there's that.

    Looks like a fun weekend! Glad you guys got a night out . . . love your hair in the selfie pic. :) You should wear it like that more often!!

  2. So much for not having fun without me while I'm gone... jk, glad you managed to have a good weekend in my absence ;) wish we could have joined you on the night out!

  3. I feel the same exact way you do when AGL "helps" me cook. How can that be fun???

  4. What a fun weekend! I'm still amazed that one meal lasts all four of you an entire week. Either we eat way too much in our house or that ravioli must magically multiply itself after a couple of days?!

  5. Excuse my tardiness on this (and all my subsequent comments)...

    I just love how toddlers are drawn to trashcans? Why? WHY? Particularly dirty public trashcans. This never ceases to blow my mind.
    And I'm so glad to read that your children can, too, become annoying. As we've already discussed, it seems to be a special brand of annoying at this age!