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Friday, May 27, 2016

StitchFixed: Round 2

You might recall that I got my first taste of Stitch Fix back in January. As I mentioned, I liked the items that they sent me but was too frugal to (a) buy all of them or (b) commit to receiving regular shipments. But 4 months later, I figured it was time to give it another try (... and perhaps give myself an early birthday present or two!).

The shipment actually came 2 days earlier than expected this time around, so that was a fun surprise. I tried on the items and modeled them for the twins while they ate dinner and they were seriously so amused by each thing I put on- I should try on clothes with them as my audience more often!

My note to the stylist mentioned I wanted tops to wear at work as well as on the weekend, a maxi dress, and maybe some new pants. And I requested bright colors for any/all of the above. Here's what I ended up with:

Let's break them down, shall we?

(1) maxi dress
Verdict: I really wanted to love this dress once I saw the picture of it and pulled it out of the box, and overall, it was pretty cute, but it was way too roomy up top on me. Add to it the fact that it was $85 and it didn't make the cut.

(2) mint 3/4 length top + (3) gold necklace
Verdict: LOVE this top- the color, fit, and the cute little birdies on it, so I'm keeping it! The necklace is cute but I have plenty of necklaces and didn't love it enough to spend the $35 on it, so I passed on it.

(4) polka dot top
Verdict: This met my criteria of a top I could wear at work or on the weekends, but it was too short/hit too high for my liking and just made my mid-section look bigger, so I passed.

 (5) cropped jeans (shown with my super fancy Target v-neck)
Verdict: I liked the fit of these for the most part, but they were too cropped and made me feel like I was wearing high-waters, so I passed on these as well.

So in the end, I only ended up keeping one item, but I was totally ok with that. And I felt like my stylist was on the right track with the other items even though I didn't keep them, so I'll have to request her again! 

Stay tuned for the next StitchFix update... likely 4 or more months from now ;) 


  1. I've done it twice too - many months apart. It's a fun experience but the price keeps me from doing it too often! Love the top you picked - it was my favorite for you too. The Maxi was SO CLOSE to being great, but I agree too roomy. And totally agree on the polka dot short - I thought it was too short/boxy.

  2. Everything looks so cute on you, but I think you made the right choices! LOVE that maxi dress, but I agree that it's a little big! I'm also loving the wavy hair!

  3. Love the wavy hair, as I have mentioned before!

    I think I would be tempted to keep everything if I tried this service! haha. Love the top you decided to keep.

  4. 1. Lovveeee that mint top so much I pinned it to my board and hopefully they will send it to me whenever I schedule my next box.
    2. I actually thought they sent you the gray v-neck shirt, haha. I was thinking: "oh that looks comfy and cute" so now I think I'll have to put in an order with Target... :)