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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

More Colby & Clara-isms

I had to share a few Colby & Clara-isms that have kept us laughing lately...

We were riding in the car the other day when the following conversation took place:
Colby: Mommy, did you hear that?
Me: Hear what, bud?
Colby: I tooted. [Laughter]

We have been working with Clara on her colors and I was asking her what colors certain items were. I encouraged Colby to help by telling him to ask Clara what color something was, and he said, "Ok, Cwara... what color is the blue spoon?"

Before bath time, we often hear both of them request, "Take off my clothes so I can be a jaybird!" (which they picked up from hearing us telling them they're "as naked as a jaybird")

In our never-ending quest to get them to hurry up and do whatever we're asking them to do, we've resorted to the whole "last one to do xyz is a rotten egg!" bit. This is surprisingly effective, but inevitably leads to them both arguing about who gets to be the rotten egg.

Colby bit me during the twins' recent trip to the dentist (yes, it was as special as you're imagining) and brings the whole ordeal up regularly. One time when we were discussing it, I said, "Yes, we went to the dentist and you bit me!" He responded incredulously with, "I didn't bit you! I bite you!" I stand corrected.

Every time the dogs are outside and start barking when the kids are in bed, this happens:
That would be Inspector Colby spying out of the window facing the backyard (approximately 1 hour after bedtime).

We picked up the twins from Sunday school last weekend and this was one of Clara's pieces of artwork that they gave us:
I mean, there are adults that can't color in the lines that well! (Pardon the mom brag)

Oh, little ones, you sure do entertain us so!


  1. Funny little stinkers! Davis always wants to be the rotten egg at our house, too. Must run in the fam!

  2. Ahhh so cute!! I am super impressed with the coloring! You can probably skip all the kid coloring stuff and move straight to adult coloring books with her!

  3. Super impressive coloring, Clara!

    Maybe I should try the rotten egg tactic with Camille :-).

  4. Such cuties! I am really impressed with Clara's coloring. We've got some work to do at our house! :)

  5. Whoa, Clara's precise coloring is astounding. That is some majoy major concentration there.

    Also, Aaron also laughs at his tooting and I try NOT to laugh too because I don't want to be that house that laughs at bodily functions but... it is kind of funny.