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Friday, May 6, 2016

Five on Friday

Good news: I'm blogging.
Bad news: I don't respect your time enough to make collages, so you have to endure a bunch of pictures.

1. Brian's birthday
We had a lot of fun celebrating Brian's 33rd this week! We started out with dinner with his family at Rudy's on Sunday night and finished up with presents and dessert (these apple pie bites) at our house.

On his actual birthday, he spent the day at work (being an adult is fun!) and then we celebrated that evening with dinner at Jupiter Pizza & Waffles with the Olivers.

Here he is a few days later enjoying one of his presents from me and the twinkies:

2. My (early) birthday (cake)
Ok so my birthday isn't until the 31st, but we had our department's monthly birthday celebration at work this week and since I'm the only May birthday, I got to pick the cake! 

Yellow cake + chocolate icing, because I'm fancy like that

3. Mother's Day Tea at daycare
I look forward to this event every year and sadly every year, it ends up being stressful and not all that enjoyable for me. Don't get me wrong- the daycare is sweet to do it and they do a good job of putting it on, but the twins cannot seem to handle sharing me in that type of setting. 

Nonetheless, Colby loved the tea, Clara loved the cookies, and I ended up with two beautiful homemade necklaces (though let it be known that once Colby gave the one he made to me, he immediately told me I had to give it back because I already had one).

(More on this sass box later in the post)


Aren't they beautiful? I stole one back from Colby in order to take this pic and he was NOT pleased.

4. Cinco de Mayo
Fortunately, the tea was the same day as Cinco de Mayo, so I was able to immediately erase my stress with the help of tortilla chips and a marg. Oh, and some cuties in matching Mexican dresses.

5. Clara being fragile
Clara has not been feeling great this week and has been totally out of sorts. In this house, if Clara ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. 
Sassing me at Daddy's birthday dinner

My sleep tracker on Monday night just to give you an idea of how many times she woke up crying that night. I did/do feel sorry for her, don't get me wrong, but this interrupted sleep business is rough ( did we ever survive the newborn days?)!

Sassing me (with tired eyes) during my attempted Cinco de Mayo morning photo shoot

And last, but certainly not least, here is Colby attempting to tame his wild beast of a sister during one of her car-ride meltdowns on the way home from work/school:

And with that... happy Friday, friends! We made it!


Terrie said...

Sweet post! Sorry Clara is out of sorts but the video made me laugh! Thanks, I need that at 6:45am when I am the only one in the school building!

the blogivers said...

1. Thanks for giving us an excuse to eat out on a Tuesday night, Brian!
2. You should have invited me up to share the cake, or at least saved a piece... rude.
3. From now on, you should only choose one child to accompany to the Mother's Day Tea. Give the other one the cold shoulder and make them hang out with the teachers. If you trade off every other year, I'm sure the emotional damage won't be too great.
4. Thanks for giving us an excuse to eat out on a Thursday night, Cinco de Mayo!
5. I'm pretty confident Clara's just getting all the drama out of her system now so she can be an angel when she's a teenager.

Erika said...

OK- those apple pie bites look delicious. Can't wait to get mine in the mail!! And way to go being the only May birthday and getting to be the cake picker-outer!! Where did you get Brian's hammock swing? I forgot that those existed, but now that I remember...I clearly need one NOW.

Emily said...

Ugh, I feel ya on the miserable toddler. Three is NOT my favorite age. I love how Colby is so calm while facing the meltdown in the car; he will be well-prepared for emotional women in his life. :)

Oh, and coming from someone who IS waking up with a newborn, it is sooooooo different.

Me waking up with a newborn = "awww, you want to eat? Oh you smell so good and you're so little and I could just eat you up...."

Me waking up with a toddler = "WHY ARE YOU NOT SLEEPING?!?!?!"

Brittnie said...

I am totally loving the hammock swing!! Need that in my life.

Also, the video of Calm Down, Clara reminded me of my morning with the girls, this morning . . . oh my gosh. Some days!!!