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Monday, May 16, 2016

Family pictures

Part of my Mother's Day gift from Brian and the kids was a family photo session. Rather than fork over Colby and Clara's college savings funds for a professional photographer (kidding!) (kind of), we convinced Brian's sister, Shannon, to play photographer for us. While we did not pay her, we did send her a gift card as a thank you, so that means we can cross this item off my "25 Before 33" list, right? Actually, I don't need your permission, so I'm doing it anyway.

So we scheduled the photo shoot for Saturday morning. The setting (Oyster Creek Park)? Great. The lighting? Pretty good, thanks to the clouds. The weather? DISGUSTING. Humid, warm, and extremely unpleasant. Should we have known better than to attempt anything outdoors in the Houston area in mid-May? Perhaps. 

Nonetheless, we persevered for about 30 minutes before throwing in the towel and heading home. After we got home and my rage disappointment subsided, we attempted a few more around the house. 

Did we take a plethora of perfect family pictures? Not so much; BUT, Shannon and her fancy pants camera did manage to get some decent shots (mostly the ones not involving me and my uncooperative hair) despite the setbacks, and for that I am very thankful.

Hugging it out (and clearly happy about it)

The twins nailed this one, as per usual.

And why wouldn't he try to lick the alligator statue...?

And why wouldn't she stick the foam baseball in her mouth...?

{and then we headed home}

And then, by the grace of God, we got a winner... in our own backyard, of course!

Thanks again, Shannon, for your patience, photography skills, and willingness to put up with us ;)


the blogivers said...

She def got some cute shots! WTG, Shannon! Also, Clara looks so much like you in the pic on the couch where she is looking off toward the window. Glad you can finally cross this one off your list!

Brittnie said...

Yay for crossing items off your list!

You did get some good shots! Love the one of the kids hugging, the pic of Brian and Clara, and the last family photo!!

Brittany said...

These are really cute! Great job, Shannon!

Emily said...

Considering you did not have to shell out several hundred dollars for the winner (and it really is a winner photo!), I'd say it was a giant success!
Also, your outfit coordination is outstanding. I am always a disaster at coordinating photo shoot outfits and am extremely impressed with how perfectly you tied the orange/navy scheme together.

Erika said...

These are such good pictures!! Excellent wardrobe selections, too!! :)