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Friday, May 27, 2016

StitchFixed: Round 2

You might recall that I got my first taste of Stitch Fix back in January. As I mentioned, I liked the items that they sent me but was too frugal to (a) buy all of them or (b) commit to receiving regular shipments. But 4 months later, I figured it was time to give it another try (... and perhaps give myself an early birthday present or two!).

The shipment actually came 2 days earlier than expected this time around, so that was a fun surprise. I tried on the items and modeled them for the twins while they ate dinner and they were seriously so amused by each thing I put on- I should try on clothes with them as my audience more often!

My note to the stylist mentioned I wanted tops to wear at work as well as on the weekend, a maxi dress, and maybe some new pants. And I requested bright colors for any/all of the above. Here's what I ended up with:

Let's break them down, shall we?

(1) maxi dress
Verdict: I really wanted to love this dress once I saw the picture of it and pulled it out of the box, and overall, it was pretty cute, but it was way too roomy up top on me. Add to it the fact that it was $85 and it didn't make the cut.

(2) mint 3/4 length top + (3) gold necklace
Verdict: LOVE this top- the color, fit, and the cute little birdies on it, so I'm keeping it! The necklace is cute but I have plenty of necklaces and didn't love it enough to spend the $35 on it, so I passed on it.

(4) polka dot top
Verdict: This met my criteria of a top I could wear at work or on the weekends, but it was too short/hit too high for my liking and just made my mid-section look bigger, so I passed.

 (5) cropped jeans (shown with my super fancy Target v-neck)
Verdict: I liked the fit of these for the most part, but they were too cropped and made me feel like I was wearing high-waters, so I passed on these as well.

So in the end, I only ended up keeping one item, but I was totally ok with that. And I felt like my stylist was on the right track with the other items even though I didn't keep them, so I'll have to request her again! 

Stay tuned for the next StitchFix update... likely 4 or more months from now ;) 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

More Colby & Clara-isms

I had to share a few Colby & Clara-isms that have kept us laughing lately...

We were riding in the car the other day when the following conversation took place:
Colby: Mommy, did you hear that?
Me: Hear what, bud?
Colby: I tooted. [Laughter]

We have been working with Clara on her colors and I was asking her what colors certain items were. I encouraged Colby to help by telling him to ask Clara what color something was, and he said, "Ok, Cwara... what color is the blue spoon?"

Before bath time, we often hear both of them request, "Take off my clothes so I can be a jaybird!" (which they picked up from hearing us telling them they're "as naked as a jaybird")

In our never-ending quest to get them to hurry up and do whatever we're asking them to do, we've resorted to the whole "last one to do xyz is a rotten egg!" bit. This is surprisingly effective, but inevitably leads to them both arguing about who gets to be the rotten egg.

Colby bit me during the twins' recent trip to the dentist (yes, it was as special as you're imagining) and brings the whole ordeal up regularly. One time when we were discussing it, I said, "Yes, we went to the dentist and you bit me!" He responded incredulously with, "I didn't bit you! I bite you!" I stand corrected.

Every time the dogs are outside and start barking when the kids are in bed, this happens:
That would be Inspector Colby spying out of the window facing the backyard (approximately 1 hour after bedtime).

We picked up the twins from Sunday school last weekend and this was one of Clara's pieces of artwork that they gave us:
I mean, there are adults that can't color in the lines that well! (Pardon the mom brag)

Oh, little ones, you sure do entertain us so!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend pictorial

Before I dump a bunch of pictures recap our weekend, I need to share a thought: Joanna Gaines (from "Fixer Upper") and Connie Britton (specifically in her role on "Nashville") have very similar voices. Has anyone else noticed this? Ok moving along.

We kicked off the weekend by making Rice Krispie Treats with the twins. As I'm sure it will shock no one to hear, I am not the type of mom that likes to let the kids "help" in the kitchen. Props to those of you that are less neurotic than I am and find joy in this activity. But they got such a kick out of helping make slice and bake cookies (baby steps) recently that I thought I'd give this a try, and it was a success!

On Saturday morning, we went to watch our friend, Hayes, play soccer. The twins showed zero interest in the game and were instead primarily interested in (1) being annoying and (2) a nearby trashcan. I was hoping it would help get them excited for their upcoming soccer season in the Fall, but no such luck. They were, however, excited about following up the game with a trip to get Mexican food!

(1) Hayes & Clara holding hands
(2) Clara's crossed legs
(3) Pardon Colby's awkward hand position...

Thanks to his parents/sis, Brian and I finished off Saturday with a child-free night out! 

Aunt Shannon with the twinks... please note their book of choice (The Night Before Christmas)!

Top left: selfie + rain in the background
Top right: used my birthday discount at Kendra Scott and got this necklace!
Bottom left: dinner at Houston's; when the waitress brought out the food, she assumed the burger + fries belonged to Brian and the fish + veggies belonged to me, but she was mistaken!
Bottom right: gelato at Black Walnut Cafe

After Sunday morning at church, Brian went to an Astros game with his dad while I held down the fort at home. Holding down the fort included important activities like making dinner for the week, playing catch with the twins with a crumpled up napkin, and supervising nap time (more work than one might expect!).

I have to share this one because it is so darn easy and so darn tasty - crock pot ravioli

We finished off the weekend with dinner at Freebirds, which gave me the opportunity to finally cross "buy a meal for strangers" off the list (and gave all 4 of us the opportunity to eat Mexican food for the second time in one weekend).

So tell me, dear readers, what exciting things did YOU do this weekend?

Monday, May 16, 2016

Family pictures

Part of my Mother's Day gift from Brian and the kids was a family photo session. Rather than fork over Colby and Clara's college savings funds for a professional photographer (kidding!) (kind of), we convinced Brian's sister, Shannon, to play photographer for us. While we did not pay her, we did send her a gift card as a thank you, so that means we can cross this item off my "25 Before 33" list, right? Actually, I don't need your permission, so I'm doing it anyway.

So we scheduled the photo shoot for Saturday morning. The setting (Oyster Creek Park)? Great. The lighting? Pretty good, thanks to the clouds. The weather? DISGUSTING. Humid, warm, and extremely unpleasant. Should we have known better than to attempt anything outdoors in the Houston area in mid-May? Perhaps. 

Nonetheless, we persevered for about 30 minutes before throwing in the towel and heading home. After we got home and my rage disappointment subsided, we attempted a few more around the house. 

Did we take a plethora of perfect family pictures? Not so much; BUT, Shannon and her fancy pants camera did manage to get some decent shots (mostly the ones not involving me and my uncooperative hair) despite the setbacks, and for that I am very thankful.

Hugging it out (and clearly happy about it)

The twins nailed this one, as per usual.

And why wouldn't he try to lick the alligator statue...?

And why wouldn't she stick the foam baseball in her mouth...?

{and then we headed home}

And then, by the grace of God, we got a winner... in our own backyard, of course!

Thanks again, Shannon, for your patience, photography skills, and willingness to put up with us ;)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

Allison and I kicked off Mother's Day weekend by waking up bright and early on Saturday morning to run the Sprint for Life 5k in town. I sort of accidentally conned us into running at a considerably faster pace for each mile, so we were proud of our finishing time but also pretty exhausted for the rest of the day.


Thankfully the rest of our plans for the day consisted of going to the park, lounging around the house, and washing the car (read: Brian washed the car while I sat around doling out bubbles and water guns), so I didn't have to expel too much more energy. 

I was greeted on Mother's Day morning with breakfast prepared by Chef Brian, presents from these little munchkins, and this gem of an "All About Mom" survey:

For the second year in a row, I naively attempted a photo shoot with the twins before church (including an outfit change for myself due to wardrobe malfunctions). And for the second year in a row, the twins weren't cooperative and I let it put me in a foul mood.

Correction: one twin was cooperative and one (not pictured) was not!

After church, Allison and I high-tailed it out of there and left the daddies to fend for themselves with the kids while we spent the better part of the day having lunch and shopping. It was a delightful and much-needed break, I must say.

Once I came home, we attempted a second photo shoot (wherein Colby was still not fully cooperative) before heading to Brian's parents' house for dinner.

He refused to participate without getting to sit on that pillow and also refused to keep his eyes open while smiling, but at least he looks happy!

So maybe they really do love me?

Brian's saint of a mom graciously prepared the entire dinner for us and I didn't have to lift a finger! Well that's not true, I did have to lift my finger several times to dip my chips into the guacamole and queso, but I was ok with that ;) 

Fishing with Granddaddy and Daddy

Before we left, Brian's sister attempted round 3 of picture-taking (my family loves me):

And I think you'll all agree that this one's a framer.

And with that, Mother's Day 2016 was complete. The day was not perfect (though it was close!), because real life with small children is anything but... BUT, as I reflected back on Mother's Day 2012 (the one before we became pregnant with the twins) and all of the pain and sadness that came with it, I couldn't help but be reminded once again at how wonderfully God has redeemed our situation and how very thankful we are for that. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Five on Friday

Good news: I'm blogging.
Bad news: I don't respect your time enough to make collages, so you have to endure a bunch of pictures.

1. Brian's birthday
We had a lot of fun celebrating Brian's 33rd this week! We started out with dinner with his family at Rudy's on Sunday night and finished up with presents and dessert (these apple pie bites) at our house.

On his actual birthday, he spent the day at work (being an adult is fun!) and then we celebrated that evening with dinner at Jupiter Pizza & Waffles with the Olivers.

Here he is a few days later enjoying one of his presents from me and the twinkies:

2. My (early) birthday (cake)
Ok so my birthday isn't until the 31st, but we had our department's monthly birthday celebration at work this week and since I'm the only May birthday, I got to pick the cake! 

Yellow cake + chocolate icing, because I'm fancy like that

3. Mother's Day Tea at daycare
I look forward to this event every year and sadly every year, it ends up being stressful and not all that enjoyable for me. Don't get me wrong- the daycare is sweet to do it and they do a good job of putting it on, but the twins cannot seem to handle sharing me in that type of setting. 

Nonetheless, Colby loved the tea, Clara loved the cookies, and I ended up with two beautiful homemade necklaces (though let it be known that once Colby gave the one he made to me, he immediately told me I had to give it back because I already had one).

(More on this sass box later in the post)


Aren't they beautiful? I stole one back from Colby in order to take this pic and he was NOT pleased.

4. Cinco de Mayo
Fortunately, the tea was the same day as Cinco de Mayo, so I was able to immediately erase my stress with the help of tortilla chips and a marg. Oh, and some cuties in matching Mexican dresses.

5. Clara being fragile
Clara has not been feeling great this week and has been totally out of sorts. In this house, if Clara ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. 
Sassing me at Daddy's birthday dinner

My sleep tracker on Monday night just to give you an idea of how many times she woke up crying that night. I did/do feel sorry for her, don't get me wrong, but this interrupted sleep business is rough ( did we ever survive the newborn days?)!

Sassing me (with tired eyes) during my attempted Cinco de Mayo morning photo shoot

And last, but certainly not least, here is Colby attempting to tame his wild beast of a sister during one of her car-ride meltdowns on the way home from work/school:

And with that... happy Friday, friends! We made it!