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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Some firsts

In addition to turning another year old, the twins experienced a few firsts in the past week that are worth sharing. Also, I experienced a first yesterday when I realized at lunch time that I had worn my underwear backwards all morning. Not inside out, but backwards. And Brian experienced a first yesterday when he had to clean explosive diarrhea out of the dogs' kennel. We've cleaned up dog messes before, but this took things to a whole new level.

Now that I've grossed you out, let's shift gears.

Clara's first haircut
We figured after 3 years that it was time to check this off the list. I pumped her up and told her we were going to get a princess haircut and that she would get a a sucker and that I just knew she was going to be a big, brave girl and not cry and on and on it went. She was all smiles until we walked in the door and she was asked to sit in the chair while "Tangled" played on the screen a few feet away. I know, sounds pretty painful, right?

She refused to respond to the stylist and instead opted to gnaw on her hand and cry the whole time. And by "the whole time," I mean for the 3-4 minutes that the process took. I told the lady I wanted a trim, but a decent one (meaning an inch or two). She said something I couldn't completely discern amongst the wailing about just wanting to even out the length so her hair could fill out more. I didn't argue because my ears were bleeding.

Once the torture was over, Clara got a lollipop, had her picture taken for her 1st haircut certificate, and generally acted as if nothing had ever been wrong. Standard.

First time "fishing"
Brian's parents' house backs up to a pond/manmade lake/some type of body of water and has a perfect pier for fishing! They bought the twins these cute little poles with fake fish on the ends and with a little help from Granddaddy, they were in business. Clara was more patient and cooperative about the whole process whereas Colby wanted to do it his way, even if that meant getting tangled up in his line and almost falling in the water 800 times. Looking forward to more time on this pier as I know it will be a favorite spot for them!

And last, but certainly not least...

First time in big boy/big girl beds
I had been dreading this one for a while. Honestly, we have never had any issues with the twins in their cribs. They never tried to escape and it was of great comfort to me that they were contained and could not escape or destroy their rooms.

But alas, all good things must come to an end and so over the past couple of months, we've been acquiring bed frames and mattresses and sheets and bedspreads and night stands and OH MY GOSH BUYING EVERYTHING TIMES TWO IS EXPENSIVE. Anyway, we finally checked everything off the list on Friday, and on Saturday, their room transformed from this...

(old picture, as evidenced by 1.5-year-old Clara in the pic)

into this:

Colby and Clara were excited about the whole thing and did really well the first night. No escapes, no crying, and no falls. They did their normal chattering before bed, but once they fell asleep, we didn't hear a peep! Meanwhile, as I admitted on facebook, I was weeping outside of their bedroom. Being a mom is fun.

Same story for naps the next day, which was also a big relief. Once night #2 rolled around, Clara started crying inconsolably and when I went upstairs to ask what was wrong, Colby told me, "Cwara doesn't want her big girl bed. Her misses her crib." I asked Clara if that's why she was crying and she nodded pitifully through her tears. Cue my heart breaking into 1,000 pieces.

She finally went to sleep, but did wake up crying a few hours later when she fell out of the bed. She fell out again the next morning, but thankfully there have been no other falls since. There has, however, been a mini-meltdown at each consecutive bedtime and even Colby joined in on the "we want our cribs back" campaign last night.

All in all, it has actually gone much better than I expected and I'm hopeful that soon enough, they will have forgotten about their cribs and embraced the wonderful world of big kid beds. I'm also hopeful that they never figure out that they're able to get out of said big kid beds without Mommy or Daddy's permission... one can dream, right?


  1. For some reason my kids never got out of their beds until I came for them. When they were older I taught them the digital clock had to have a 7 or 8 in the first spot before they could get up. Have you thought about getting those rails that fold down? One end slips between the mattress and box springs and it is just a frame w/ net. Maybe give them the security of being in an enclosed space and they don't fall out. We used them with all three. They easily fold out of the way during the day.

  2. Despite Clara's depressing longing for the crib, let's agree this transition is going a million times better than you thought it would! And let's also agree that at least it was a dog who went diarrhea all over his sleeping space rather than a child.

  3. Well the tears are sad but I'm super excited that they haven't climbed out of their bed yet! I've heard strange and mysterious stories of children who STAY IN BED until their parents retrieve them and I've always been so impressed by this amazing black magic.

  4. Super impressed that they haven't tried to climb out of bed! As you know, once we get Camille's room in order we are making the switch. Pretty sure she will test every boundary possible!!! :) Also, where did you get their cute bedding? I have been looking around online but haven't found anything yet.

  5. So glad that the bed transition has gone relatively well! I love the cute sheets!

  6. Their big kid room is adorable! And two months in, how is the bed transition going? Have they discovered they can get out on their own yet? Do they still want their cribs? If there's been a blog update on this I'll get around to it, eventually!