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Monday, April 11, 2016

Celebrating #3 (continued)

So I got this feeling that you all were wanting to hear even more about the twins' 3rd birthday, so after a little breather, I'm back with more :) 

Brian and I took off work on their actual birthday and though I know they would have had lots of fun hanging out with their friends at school, I'm glad we did it, because it was a pretty great day!

We kicked it off by letting the twins (and us) sleep in, and then they were greeted by a birthday banner and balloons at breakfast. In true Detective Colby fashion, he was quick to ask in an accusatory tone, "Who put those balloons there?"

We spent the majority of the morning at a new indoor play place nearby called Ma-Jest-Kids and I really can't say enough great things about it or about our experience there. I'm sure part of what made it so great was that it was a random Tuesday morning and therefore we had almost the whole place to ourselves. Other working parents recognize what a rare treat that is!

If you can't tell, the twins had a lot of fun playing, and if that didn't make the outing successful on its own, the deal was definitely sealed when the sweet people working there surprised them each with a cupcake, goody bag, and balloon, and gathered everyone up to sing "Happy Birthday" to them! We will definitely be coming back to this place.

After we somehow pried them away, we made a stop at Target to let them pick out birthday presents for each other. This started off sweetly enough, but as soon as we separated them and started helping them try to pick something out, they instantly lost interest and only wanted to find toys for themselves. Shocking.

In the end, these are the gifts that won out:

After lunch at home and naps, we took advantage of the perfect weather and headed out to one of our favorite parks nearby. Once again, it was nice not to have to compete with a weekend crowd!

We then met up with the Olivers for dinner at one of our favorite spots (Chuy's), where the twins were once again the recipients of a round of the "Happy Birthday" song, this time complete with complimentary sopapillas!

This picture is to serve as proof that I was present since I didn't manage to make it into any of the other pictures. It's also to serve as proof that I was sporting my awesome #twinmom shirt to celebrate the occasion:

Before bath and bedtime, we decided to watch the twins' birth announcement video. When I was trying to take a picture to document the activity, I couldn't stop laughing at this cameo that was made courtesy of Colby (who was sitting in my lap). Just how every super hero wants to spend his free time, no doubt...

And with that, the celebration of the twins' 3rd birthday was complete. With both of us working full-time and the weekends being so full as well, we sadly don't get a lot of full free days to spend with our favorite little people, so it's safe to say this was a treat for all 4 of us. For the millionth and last time, happy 3rd birthday, Colby and Clara!


the blogivers said...

I'm glad you guys were able to take the day off and that it ended up being such a perfect day! Also, I agree that Batman's cameo in the last pic is pretty great - he looks like he's staring you down for making him watch it!

Erika said...

Oh, what a fun day!! I don't even let myself fantasize about how gloriously empty parks and playgrounds must be on weekday mornings, ha. Also, love Colby's reaction to the balloons! Like maybe a burglar came in during the night and just tied up some balloons? ALARMING!

Emily said...

Very fun birthday! If there's one thing I'm looking forward to SAHM-hood, it's the luxury of going to a place without weekend crowds. Granted, many museums and zoos have school field trip days (boo!) but the rest of it - indoor play spaces and hell, even the grocery store!

Courtney Squillante said...

Sounds perfect!!

And I love that you point out what a luxury it is to go to places during the week without crowds. I won't lie when I say I totally take that for granted and don't even think about things like that. I appreciate the perspective!!

Natasha said...

I love that all four of you got to spend the day together. And I like the presents the twins picked out for each other.

I too take for granted to opportunity to go to places during the week which aren't crowded at all. Thanks for reminding me of that little luxury.