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Thursday, April 28, 2016

And the winner is...

Thanks to everyone that entered the DQ gift card giveaway! The top choice for blizzard flavors was, unsurprisingly, Oreo. The "would you rather?" questions were hilarious, and I was really impressed to receive as many questions as I did! I plan on doing a separate post to answer them all, so don't worry, you'll all get your 5 minutes of fame ;)

Onto the news you've all been anxiously waiting for: there were a total of 41 entries, and the random number generator chose the number 24, which belonged to:

Brandy K.

Congrats, Brandy! I know there's a DQ very close to your house, so I'm sure this will be put to good use. Also, feel free to invite me along and I will happily keep you company while you cash it in ;) 

Thanks again for entering, friends, and stay tuned for the "would you rather?" special in the near future!

1 comment:

  1. Congrats Brandy K!!!

    And obviously all those people who chose Oreo as their favourite flavour are wise and beautiful! Ha!