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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Currently watching

We're only one episode in and although we intend to keep watching, I'm having a tough time getting past the cheesy acting, specifically from Cuba Gooding Jr. Also, "Marcia Clark's" hair is so, so bad.

Apparently I have an issue with double standards because this is also cheesy but so, so good. I might or might not have teared up during the first episode, and I'm guessing any of the rest of you that watched this show as children can relate! Also, how does one go about aging as well as Aunt Becky? Or Uncle Jesse for that matter?

3. This video of Colby singing "Jesus Loves Me"
Favorite parts: his sweet little voice, how high of a pitch he tries to sing the chorus in, and Clara insisting that the world continue to revolve around her ;)

4. This video of Clara busting a move at Cafe Express
Favorite parts: the expression on her face and her falling at the end, of course

What about you? Currently watching anything of interest?


the blogivers said...

Jane the Virgin! Add it to your list!

Emily said...

YES to the Fuller House aging! Like how do Becky and Jesse look sooooo good, then Danny looks like he's barely standing?

Amanda said...

We're slowly making our way through the O.J. show, too...but I'm with you on poor Marcia's hair. Even the original Marcia's hair wasn't THAT bad (though still pretty bad).

Also loving Fuller House. The cheesy drama is just as good as I remember it from the days of TGIF! But seriously, I can't stop looking at Stephanie's chest...she went a little overboard with the implants is all I'm saying...

And lastly, love the videos of your littles! They're at such a fun (albeit challenging) age!! :-)

Brittany said...

I totally teared up during "Forever"! I feel like the first episode was really well done! And I completely agree about Aunt Becky. If anything, she looks even younger!

Brittnie said...

Making my way through Fuller House! Love it! Brings me back to the days of TGIF when my sister and I would get SO EXCITED for our line up of shows!

Natasha said...

After all the rave reviews of Fuller House I feel like I need to find it somewhere. Of course, with our lack of anything useful TV related (is it released on DVD yet?!), by the time I'm raving about it everyone else will have moved on to something else.

And that video of Colby singing is precious! And Clara's dance moves made me laugh. I also laugh when my kids fall -- does that make me a bad parent???