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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bathroom Remodel Reveal

TWO MONTHS LATER, the bathroom remodel is finally finished, y'all! Is it sad that making this announcement is almost as much of a relief as when we announced we were finally pregnant...?

The good: We really are happy with how it turned out, and as a bonus, we came in pretty darn close to the estimated budget.

The bad: As you're all well aware, it took way too long- the estimated turnaround was 2-3 weeks, and it actually took 8.5 weeks. Also, the communication from the contractor along the way was terrible.

The ugly: I almost lost my freaking mind. I'm not even kidding when I say that I highly considered going to see a counselor to help me cope with the stress of it all. Also, in the process, the workers broke our garage door, left our gate unlocked causing the dogs to escape, overflowed our toilet, and helped themselves regularly to our candy dish.

Anyway, it's behind us now and it's time to share the end product with you all, so enjoy...!

Half bathroom: Before

Half bathroom: After
new granite countertop + sink

Entrance to master bathroom: Before

Entrance to master bathroom: After 
sliding double barn doors installed + random skylight closed in

Entrance to master bathroom: After

Vanity: Before

Vanity: After
new countertop + sinks + light fixtures + fresh coat of paint on cabinets

Shower/bath tub: Before

Shower/bath tub: After
new tub + faucet/shower head + tile
Also, new floor tile + fresh texturing/paint on the walls

New privacy window (old one not pictured, but trust me when I say it was ugly and not at all private)

Closet doors: before

Closet doors: after
new doors, duh

And there you have it. Thanks for listening to me whine during the process- I promise to drop it going forward, and kindly ask that if I ever express interest in doing something like this again that you PLEASE stop me. :)

Details, for those that are into this kind of thing:
Granite - Giallo Ornamental Light


  1. So what you're saying is, your transition with the bathroom remodel is like my transition was to getting Rocky! I'm glad you survived - the good news is it looks great and like it was worth every ounce of stress!!

  2. It looks so good! I really love it. Glad it is over and now you can truly start to enjoy the finished product! Love how you closed in the sky light. . . I didn't even notice that on your IG pic yesterday. :)

  3. Hooray! What a huge relief and I love it all! The privacy window in particular seems to be the biggest transformation. I'm so jealous. We have a skylight in our bathroom and at night, one can see one's reflection while sitting on the toilet. Aaron will point up and go: "Look mommy, people!" which totally freaks me out that I'll look up and see a pair of foreign eyes staring down at us.

  4. It looks SO good!! The tile on the floor is my favorite. Definitely swooning over it. Also, still don't understand why remodels exactly like this only take 20 minutes on HGTV. You def should have called in Chip and Joanna for this job!!!

  5. I love it! I can't believe there weren't doors before? How annoying if someone got up super early to get ready and you just want to keep sleeping? The floors are SO pretty, I love how bright everything looks (especially the shower), and the sliding doors are so cool! You guys did great!

  6. LOVE the sweet pics, the awesome theme, adorable invite, cute outfits, and delicious donut tower! What a fun party!!! Can't believe C&C are 3!!!

  7. I may have said this before but I hope that, almost two months later, this bathroom reno was worth it. Also I can't believe the workers ATE YOUR CANDY. That is insane.

  8. You must have worked really hard to do all of that work yourselves! As you say, the overall job took a long time. Time constraints was one of the many reasons that I decided to use a plumbing firm to help with my bathroom renovation. I needed it done within two weeks. Luckily they got the job done on time.

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating

  9. Fixing up an older bathroom can be quite the experience, as you have shown us. My master bathroom needed an overhaul like yours, and my husband and I did everything ourselves, too. We utilized modernized doors to enhance the original beauty of our older bathroom. By adding contemporary mirrors and fresh accents, my bathroom is now more attractive and modern.

  10. The picture that struck me the most was the one with the vanity and two mirrors. In the before picture it was dark, but you added two lights and put each one on top of the area it was needed. That made such a huge difference. I like all of the improvements, but that one picture really showed me what my wife has been talking about in our bathroom.

  11. You really did a beautiful job! I love how bright & fresh everything looks. What an improvement. 

  12. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love every single detail! Everything you do is just awesome. thanks for sharing.

  13. It looks absolutely gorgeous!! You did a fabulous job!! thanks for sharing with us.