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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bathroom Remodel Reveal

TWO MONTHS LATER, the bathroom remodel is finally finished, y'all! Is it sad that making this announcement is almost as much of a relief as when we announced we were finally pregnant...?

The good: We really are happy with how it turned out, and as a bonus, we came in pretty darn close to the estimated budget.

The bad: As you're all well aware, it took way too long- the estimated turnaround was 2-3 weeks, and it actually took 8.5 weeks. Also, the communication from the contractor along the way was terrible.

The ugly: I almost lost my freaking mind. I'm not even kidding when I say that I highly considered going to see a counselor to help me cope with the stress of it all. Also, in the process, the workers broke our garage door, left our gate unlocked causing the dogs to escape, overflowed our toilet, and helped themselves regularly to our candy dish.

Anyway, it's behind us now and it's time to share the end product with you all, so enjoy...!

Half bathroom: Before

Half bathroom: After
new granite countertop + sink

Entrance to master bathroom: Before

Entrance to master bathroom: After 
sliding double barn doors installed + random skylight closed in

Entrance to master bathroom: After

Vanity: Before

Vanity: After
new countertop + sinks + light fixtures + fresh coat of paint on cabinets

Shower/bath tub: Before

Shower/bath tub: After
new tub + faucet/shower head + tile
Also, new floor tile + fresh texturing/paint on the walls

New privacy window (old one not pictured, but trust me when I say it was ugly and not at all private)

Closet doors: before

Closet doors: after
new doors, duh

And there you have it. Thanks for listening to me whine during the process- I promise to drop it going forward, and kindly ask that if I ever express interest in doing something like this again that you PLEASE stop me. :)

Details, for those that are into this kind of thing:
Granite - Giallo Ornamental Light

Monday, March 28, 2016

2016 Easter marathon (with no actual running involved)

So many plastic eggs. So much candy. So much togetherness. It's safe to say that was one full week we just finished... and now we have just a few days to rest and recover before we start celebrating the twins' birthday- no rest for parents of toddlers the weary! 

Our Easter celebrations started early last week with three separate days of activities lined up at the twins' daycare before all of us kicked off a long weekend together. I will warn you now that there are many, many pictures below, so proceed with caution!

They started off the fun with dyeing eggs, after which Clara apparently peeled hers and proceeded to eat it (?). Next up was their Easter egg hunt and it made me smile to see the top right picture posted of them gathering up their loot together. They finished off the short week with a classroom party, complete with juice and cupcakes, aka: the primary purpose of a party in their minds.

The weather was perfect on Good Friday and so we ventured out to the zoo along with everyone else in the greater Houston area. If you ask the twins which animals they saw during our visit, their response will be "ghosts" because we walked through a dark tunnel at one point, which was clearly inhabited by ghosts. Toddler logic for the win. Also, the bottom left pic is a comparison of their first trip to the zoo (at 9 months) with this most recent trip and serves primarily to depress me. 

On Saturday, we started the day off with our church's Eggstravaganza where we did exactly what you might expect: wear pastel colors, hunt for Easter eggs (again), and eat junk food.

We also had an apparently terrifying encounter with the Easter Bunny, which further solidified my belief that there is no point in taking the twins to Disney World in the near future. When we weren't avoiding costumed terrorists, we got to visit with some of our small group friends, and even squeezed in a Katie-sandwich-on-Nelson-twin-bread pic!

We also spent a fair amount of time posing for pictures at home throughout the day, because what's the point in celebrating a holiday if you aren't going to take 8,000 pictures of yourselves doing it? Also, pretty sure bunny ears never get old.

On Saturday night, we took the twins bowling for the first time to celebrate Uncle Wade's birthday! Neither of them seemed to grasp why every turn wasn't their turn or why they weren't allowed to press all the buttons/stick their hands in the ball dispenses/run down the bowling lane, but we still all had a good time. And it's important to note that I tied for last place with Colby... meaning I was beaten by 3 small children in addition to being beaten by 3 adults. 

The twins woke up on Sunday morning and were pleased to learn that the Easter Bunny had, in fact, visited them overnight. Clara was especially pleased to learn that he was not still hanging out in the house somewhere :)

The rest of the day was filled with church, brunch, naps, another round of Easter baskets from Brian's parents, and yes, more picture taking! 

And with that, my friends the 2016 Easter festivities were a wrap. May the memories last long after the last piece of Easter candy is consumed!

Monday, March 21, 2016


I'm not sure what my deal is, but I have (clearly) started to lose interest in blogging. I won't blame it on the fact that life is pretty uneventful lately, because we all know that not having anything exciting to talk about has never stopped me from talking. I do know that the "pressure" to blog, though completely self-imposed, was wearing on me and I felt like it was taking up time that I'd sometimes otherwise want to use to spend time with people, be productive, or more often than not, just do NOTHING.

Anyway, I don't plan on officially shutting things down, but I do think it's safe to assume you won't be hearing from me as often, at least for the foreseeable future. I'll still be sure to report back with updates on the twins (hello fast-approaching 3rd birthday!), intermittent weekend recaps, and maybe, just maybe, an update on the master bathroom remodel. Rumor has it that they will be installing the barn doors this week, thus completing the project, but rumor also originally had it that they would be wrapping up in mid-February, so take that with a grain of (clearly a little bitter) salt.

So, weekend recap time. We are knee-deep in what can only be referred to as birthday party season. In our families alone, there are 12 birthdays that occur between the end of March and end of May. And somehow we seem to have befriended a lot of people with children that also celebrate Spring birthdays. So basically when weekends roll around these days, the twins are guaranteed to ask us, "Whose birthday party are we going to?" 

This is great because it means a lot of socializing and eating, which is right up my alley. This is mildly concerning, however, in that it further secures my fate of ending up with diabetes. Such is life.

Anyway, we celebrated two birthdays this weekend, only one of which was well-documented:

In case you're wondering, yes, they got sand everywhere. And yes, Clara licked all of the frosting off that cupcake and then she declared she was finished.

We also had a first at our house on Saturday evening with a family movie night! We busted out the twins' sleeping bags, turned on "The Lion King," and of course, popped a bowl of popcorn. I'd say the whole thing was a big hit, minus the part where Mufasa died and Colby turned to us, concerned, and said, "What happened to his daddy??"

And since we seem to be going in reverse order, let's talk about Friday night. We went out to dinner with some friends sans-children and of course I had to get pictures with both of my other halves:

The evening was going quite well until we left the restaurant and I suddenly developed an overwhelming desire to vomit. Because I have a stomach of steel, I did not end up tossing my cookies, but I did take a long bath and fall asleep watching "Dateline" at home while Brian resumed the evening with the others. Thankfully I woke up feeling better on Saturday, but let this be a warning to you all that massive amounts of Mexican food (and a margarita) are not necessarily the best combination when dealing with sinus drainage. You're welcome.

Looking forward to a short work week and a long Easter weekend with the twinkies (where we celebrate, yes, the resurrection of Jesus, and also another family birthday!)

Monday, March 7, 2016

Switching things up a bit

One significant incident that did not occur this weekend: the completion of the bathroom remodel. Thankfully it is 90% complete so we were at least able to move back in and start using it again. The main thing we are waiting on at this point is the installation of the sliding barn doors, but it will be another 2+ weeks until they're in- boo.

But let's focus on the positive: we had a very full weekend and I was able to cross a couple of items off my 25 before 33 list! (And on that note, I have been referring to it as the "25 before 32" list since last July, which was approximately 2 months after I had already turned 32. Apparently it really is possible to forget your own age. Thanks for catching the error, sis!)

On Friday night, Allison and I took Davis and Colby out to dinner while Brian and Wade did the same with Clara and Avery. When you have multiple kids, spending quality one-on-one time with each of them is a challenge, but I think this is especially true when you have twins, so I was really excited for this!

We had a fancy dinner at Skeeter's followed by dessert at Whole Foods. He was more interested in playing than bonding with me, but did tell me the next day that he "had fun hanging out with me," so the effort was not in vain!

Meanwhile, Brian and Clara dined at Chipotle and followed it up with dessert at Zoe's Kitchen. As you can see in the top left pic, it didn't exactly start off on a great note as Clara wasn't thrilled with the idea of Mommy leaving, but eventually she regained her faculties and a good time was had by all. I'm certain that having a cookie the size of her head didn't hurt!

On Saturday morning, we swapped!
Brian and Colby stuffed their faces with breakfast at The Grove and then went to get haircuts. This was a monumental day for Colby because for the first time in his almost 3 years of life, he didn't shed a single tear during his haircut- I'm so proud of my little big boy!

Meanwhile, Allison and I took the little ladies to have breakfast at Panera (again, please note Clara's carb-loading), shop around Target, and then back home to get their nails painted. Can you tell how pleased Clara was with her nails?

Because we hadn't had enough fun already, we spent the afternoon skipping naps and attending two different birthday parties, complete with outdoor fun, party favors, and, of course, plenty of cake and candy.
Refer to the bottom left picture to see which twin still can't function very well without napping.

After many glorious hours of sleep on Saturday night, we were back at it on Sunday with a morning full of church and then cleaning the new bathroom while the twinkies napped. We ended the weekend with Brian and his dad taking Colby and Clara to the "Man/Kid Bonfire" that our church hosted yesterday evening (translation: 2 free hours for me- hallelujah).
The kids were so excited to tell me that they ate "food (apparently not significant enough to name) and s'mores" and I dumped half a pound of sand out of their shoes, so I'm pretty sure they had a good time. They also did interviews about themselves and about Brian - their answers were pretty amusing if you're able to zoom in and read them.

We've got no big plans for the week ahead, so hopefully I'll spare you any additional photo-overloaded recaps for a bit ;)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Currently watching

We're only one episode in and although we intend to keep watching, I'm having a tough time getting past the cheesy acting, specifically from Cuba Gooding Jr. Also, "Marcia Clark's" hair is so, so bad.

Apparently I have an issue with double standards because this is also cheesy but so, so good. I might or might not have teared up during the first episode, and I'm guessing any of the rest of you that watched this show as children can relate! Also, how does one go about aging as well as Aunt Becky? Or Uncle Jesse for that matter?

3. This video of Colby singing "Jesus Loves Me"
Favorite parts: his sweet little voice, how high of a pitch he tries to sing the chorus in, and Clara insisting that the world continue to revolve around her ;)

4. This video of Clara busting a move at Cafe Express
Favorite parts: the expression on her face and her falling at the end, of course

What about you? Currently watching anything of interest?