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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

V-day weekend in collage form

I know I've hardly mentioned it (ha), but this remodel is STRESSING ME OUT. As you've probably determined already, my ability to cope maxed out on approximately day 1, so I've basically been running on (disgruntled, impatient, irritable) fumes since then. So with that being the case, our quick Valentine's Day weekend getaway to Fredericksburg could not have come at a better time. 

Brian and I spent 48 glorious hours on our own with not much of an agenda besides sleeping, eating, and shopping (sound familiar?). The weather in Fredericksburg was perfect (much unlike our attempt at a getaway last Fall) and our VRBO rental (an attic above one of the stores on Main Street) was close to everything, so overall I'd say it was a winning combination.

Top left: post-dinner lounging at Silver Creek
Top right: sunny selfie in front of the pretty library
Bottom left: our lunch at The Peach Tree came with a pink carnation for me!
Bottom right: Brian enjoying one of many beers

Top left: As I mentioned, we stayed in a finished-out attic, so Brian's attempts at fitting in the shower were interesting, to say the least!
Top right: Dinner at Pasta Bella
Bottom left: I asked Brian to take a picture of the heart-shaped butter on top of his bread... clearly he has a future in food photography.
Bottom right: My fancyValentine's Day lunch on the way back to Sugar Land

Meanwhile, Colby and Clara spent a fun-filled weekend with Brian's parents. We're not sure who had a better time- them or Mimi and Granddaddy! We were so thankful not to have to worry about them while we were gone and also appreciative of the pictures and FaceTime sessions in our absence.

Top left/Top right/Bottom left/Bottom right: two little monkeys playing at the park

Top: Breakfast at Mimi & Granddaddy's
Bottom left: Enjoying some of their V-day loot from the grandparents
Bottom right: Clearly Granddaddy needed some help fixing that rocking chair! 

We were all reunited on the afternoon of Valentine's Day and though we were excited to see each other again, the adjustment back to reality was a little rough for the littlest members of our family (and consequently, for us). Fortunately, there were presents and pizza to help ease the pain.

Top: The twins' Valentine's Day gifts - puzzles & place mats from us and a shirt & purse from my parents
Bottom left/middle: C&C experiencing what I like to call "grandparent detox" - so sad that the fun times are over and that it's back to life with boring Mommy & Daddy!
Bottom right: Another fancy Valentine's Day meal saved the day - pizza!

Another holiday come and gone- pretty sure that if I blink, Christmas 2016 will already have arrived... so don't mind me as I attempt to keep my eyes open for the next 10+ months. Hope you all had a happy heart day!


the blogivers said...

I'm really glad this getaway was 1000% better than the one to Charleston - you deserved it!

Emily said...

I'm pretty positive Aaron has more fun when we go away than we do. He absolutely freaking loves it. Whether it be grandparents or sleepover kid swap, he has such a blast. :)

Brittnie said...

Was going to say the same as Allison. . . so glad this vacay was better than Charleston! Hoping all goes well with the remodel this week. How much longer will the project take?

Brittany said...

I'm so glad you had such a great getaway!!

Courtney Squillante said...

So glad (and jealous!) of your getaway!!

Erika said...

What a fun weekend!! And the picture of them both hanging from the playground and laughing...FRAMER.

Natasha said...

I'm glad that this getaway worked out better than your one in the fall and yes, grandparent detox always sucks. Only once have I questioned whether the getaway itself was worth it though!