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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Almost three

Somehow, these teeny little babies...

... will turn THREE in two short months. And with that being the case, it is imperative that I provide you with an update on the current life and times of Colby Wayne and Clara Lane.

Starting with baby A, let's talk a little bit about what my favorite almost-3-year-old little boy is like these days:

- Colby is full of opinions. Scratch that, he is overflowing with opinions. In a turn of events that none of us saw coming, he is particularly opinionated about what he wears (particularly his underwear) and can daily be heard saying whining, "I want [a] different one!"

- Colby is 100%, no doubt about it, all boy. He loves all things related to super heroes, Star Wars, bad guys, dinosaurs, "scary" animals, pirates, sports, vehicles, wrestling, Transformers, and tools. He has been known to inform us that certain things are "for boys, not for girls" and has even insisted Clara and I not participate in said activities. I thought having a sister his same age might make him have more of an interest in princesses and such, but I was mistaken.

- Colby does not stop talking... ever. He narrates all of our car rides from start to finish and has an endless list of questions. "What's over there? What's that noise? Who did that?, etc." When he's not talking, he's likely singing, especially when he's avoiding going to sleep. It's a guarantee that we'll hear him sing at least one round of "Happy Birthday," the alphabet, and various tv show theme songs before bed each night. So basically, if he's awake, he's making some type of noise.

- Colby has made a lot of progress with potty training and though I know it's not fair to compare, I would declare him the "winner" of the process thus far. He tells us any time he has to go and though he sometimes requests our company, we are often told, "I need to go potty. Leave me alone." So tactful!

- Colby is stubborn and though I would say he is generally pretty well-behaved, he definitely listens to instructions on a selective basis. If he's not interested in doing something, it takes a lot of bargaining and coaxing to get him to do it. Good thing he has two parents that were also award-winning bargainers as children!

- While Colby is quite attached to his friends and doesn't have trouble jumping into new group settings, I would definitely still peg him as an introvert. At the Super Bowl party last weekend, while the other NINETEEN children were playing together in various parts of the house, we found Colby playing upstairs alone, where he stayed for a good half hour and was perfectly content doing so. I cannot relate to this trait in the least, but hey, as long as he's happy, that's all that matters!

And onto baby B - here are a few tidbits about my favorite almost-3-year-old little girl these days:

- Clara does all things with intensity. I've said this about her before, but if she commits to doing something, she goes all out, for better or for worse. This means that when she's happy, she's laughing, dancing, and having the time of her life. And when she's not happy, well, watch out. Another word I would use is "passionate," as she seems to feel all of her feelings very deeply!

- Clara is a teacher's pet and likes to do what everyone else is doing. I'm hoping this makes her ideal in the classroom, though I'm also hoping she learns to discern when it's best not to follow the crowd :) Her favorite lead to follow is Colby's, and she is often following up what he says with, "I want ______, too!" or "I do ______, too!" She loves her "Bolby" something fierce and puts him on a pretty high pedestal.

- Clara's two favorite phrases are, "I do it!" and "DON'T WEAVE (leave) ME!," which perfectly describe her personality: simultaneously independent and desperately needy all at the same time. None of us are allowed to leave a room without her permission and she has been known to make quite a scene if one of us attempts to break that rule, especially if there is something "scawy" going on (darkness, crowd of strangers, etc.). "I do it" is the bane of my efficient existence because it means she is insisting on doing a particular task without any help from us, therefore taking 800 times longer to do it.

- As I mentioned last week, Clara loves to color and seems to be in touch with her artsy side. My dad googled what it means when a child colors things all in one color (and while pressing down on the paper with all her might) and the phrases "intense focus" and "asserting control over one's environment" showed up in the results. Sounds about right!

- Clara is doing fairly well with potty training, but doesn't seem to have much of an interest in telling us when she needs to go (#1 at least). She does NOT respond well to being prompted to try and go and really prefers the whole thing be on her own terms. Unfortunately for us, sometimes "her own terms" include peeing on the floor. 

- In contrast to her brother, Clara loves all things girly. She is obsessed with princesses of all types and has been known to refer to herself as "Princess Tara (Clara)." Her favorite toys to play with are baby dolls and she loves playing mommy to them. She also really loves to undress them and keep them in the nude, but that's another story for another time. I will say that unlike Colby, she is much more willing to go with the flow when it comes to participating in traditionally non-girly activities. It's probably because she is so anxious to do whatever Colby is doing, but she is just as happy watching "Dinotrux" as she is any other show, and has been known to take Transformers to sleep with her in her crib.

While we've had our share of "terrible two" behavior and more glimpses into the "threenager" phase than we'd like, the twins really are at a pretty fun age right now. And although I did love when they were squishy little babies, I really love being able to talk to them now and hear all of the things going on in their little heads. 

Don't grow up too quickly, little ones!


the blogivers said...

They are a couple of sweet little almost-3-year-olds! And you described their personalities so well. Now can you write a post like this about Davis and Avery since I seem to lack the clarity you have to do it myself??

Emily said...

Love this! Very impressed with Colby as the potty training "winner," considering his boy-status had him pegged as the underdog! So sweet about his introvert playtime at the superbowl party. I have so much trouble relating but hey, if that's what makes 'em happy, go for it!
I still think the color-all-one-color intensity is fascinating; just such a very specific personality trait. And oh what a teenager she is going to make! :)

Brittnie said...

If Colby and Camille got married their marriage and home life would be one big, loud, NONSTOP, 24/7 conversation!! Ha!

Erika said...

Ahh I loved this (as is not indicated by the fact that it took me 2 days to come back and comment...)!! I love how their personalities are so unique...and how much Clara loves Colby!!

Brittany said...

Loved reading about your almost THREE year olds! I wish we saw them more than we do. :(

Natasha said...

I loved reading this update! Have fun celebrating your three year olds this week! Whoo hoo!!!