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Monday, January 11, 2016


Last week, all of the elements were in place for the perfect storm: (1) potty training, (2) PMS, and (3) my first full week back at work in many moons. It is safe to say that grumpiness was abounding (for me, anyway) and I felt like while the rest of the world was starting the year off right tackling their new year's resolutions, I was failing miserably at coping with everything that came my way.

The good news is that we all survived the week relatively unscathed and I'm just going to thank God for do-overs and pretend today is actually the first day of the new year. The other good news is that potty training is going relatively well, though I think we've only made it one or two full days with no accidents. The hardest part of last week was passing the baton off to the daycare and having very minimal control over the whole process. I'm channeling my inner Elsa and attempting to let it go.

Some other good news: Brian gifted me a subscription to StitchFix for Christmas and I got my first shipment this past weekend! Let's pretend I'm a fashion blogger for a moment:

(1) blue top + (2) black skinny pants + (3) shoes
Verdict: I actually really liked all 3 items, but I was too frugal to keep them all, so I only kept the top. I already have a similar pair of pants that I've never thought to wear to work because in my brain, work pants should all be boot cut for some reason? Regardless, this has changed my mind.

(4) striped top + same pants
Verdict: This top actually came from my Pinterest board, but I didn't love the way it looked on, so I decided to pass.

(5) cardigan + same pants
Verdict: I specifically requested a tribal print cardigan so I was really excited to see this one when I opened the box. The first time I tried it on, I actually wasn't a fan because it was so drapey that I felt like it kind of swallowed me. But after some encouragement from my mom, sis, and Brian, I tried it on again and decided to keep it!

These were my favorite items from the shipment: sorority t-shirt from 2004 + yoga pants from 2005
JK, obviously, but I felt like sharing my fashionable post-church attire from yesterday with you all. You're welcome.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with my shipment, but I don't imagine I will schedule them to come very often because like I said, I'm too frugal for that. It was definitely fun to have someone else pick out items for me, and I especially liked the style guide that was included with it:

Colby and Clara heard about my new gig as a fashionista and decided to get in on the action...

Don't you love how the orange beak on the owl hat matches her leggings so perfectly?

Star Wars jacket: check
Captain America shoes: check
Fibbing about our child's articles of clothing in order to convince him to wear them: check


  1. You really should have included Clara's seasonal outfit + leopard print jacket last night at the end. Anyway, I'm super jelly of your StitchFix stuff and I might sneak into your closet while you're at work, wear it for several hours, and then put it back without you ever noticing. You've been warned.

  2. So fun! I really like the items you decided to keep! I have never don't stitch fix, but would love to try it out sometime. Although since I am super frugal like you, and clothes is seriously the last thing I tend to spend money on (would much rather pamper myself with a mani/pedi or something of that nature) it probably won't happen any time soon. Maybe when I win the lottery!

  3. Love the sweater, love the pants. Shoes are cute too. At some point if you love 3 or more items it can be cheaper to keep it all with their discount for the whole box. Sometimes I think they send one "loser" item just so you don't do that.
    Have fun. I did it for about a year. Got some of my favorite things from it. Also sent back a lot. I had one great stylist who was really getting me...then she left. Very hit or miss after that.

  4. I love the tribal sweater! Kudos to those that talked you into keeping it!

  5. Looks like you got some great items! I've never seen anyone get shoes, but those are really cute. I still think Clara wins the day for cute outfits, though...owl hat and all!

  6. Love the blouse! I'm pinning it to my StitchFix board so you are now officially a fashion blogger because people are pinning your outfits. Haha.
    For my last like 5 boxes or so, I find myself only keeping 1-2 items. I struggle with whether its worth it to keep up with it for "only" 1-2 items, but since I usually LOVE those 1-2 items, perhaps it worth it?

  7. You got some cute things! That's a great idea for a Christmas gift! Also, maybe you can start your own business similar to stitch fix where you mail out vintage Chi-O tshirts for new pledges?! ;)

  8. I wish Stitch Fix delivered to Canada, although I'm probably too frugal to keep much so it likely isn't worth it. Since I'm currently wearing yoga pants, a t-shirt, and a fleece, I could likely benefit from both the fix and the style guide.

    And I still lie to my kids to get them to wear certain pieces of clothing. I won't tell if you won't!