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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Photo an hour/daily routine (Week 30)

The time has arrived, my friends: today marks my last post in the 30-week writing challenge that I started last June. Thanks to Emily for inspiring me to join the challenge and thanks to all of you for reading along!

This week's prompt was to write about my daily routine, so similarly to the week 3 prompt of writing about my day in detail, I decided to turn this into a photo an hour post (same concept as this one posted last February). These pictures are from yesterday, and considering I spend 10 of my waking hours at work (which I make a habit of not discussing in detail on this blog), you can imagine what kind of excitement is in store:

5-something AM : walking in place while watching the news because 37 degrees means going outside is not happening

6-something AM : watching Daniel Tiger with the munchkins before we leave for the day 

7-something AM : dropping off said munchkins at daycare

8-something AM : first dip of the day into the candy jar

9-something AM : checking my progress in a "daily showdown" FitBit step challenge I was invited to join

10-something AM : water break

11-something AM: my office (already running out of picture ideas to document the fact that I am chugging along at work...)

12-something PM : "lunch bunch" in the break room = best part of the work day!

1-something PM : chocolate break (I could probably fill up an entire "photo an hour" post solely with pictures of chocolate that I eat throughout the day...)

2-something PM : sorting through the exciting mail I received

3-something PM : meeting in this windowless huddle room that was, at one time, my office! In those days, I had to ask people that walked by what the weather was like outside because I was pregnant and too lazy to get up and look myself.

4-something PM : one-on-one meeting with our awesome Corporate Recruiter

5-something PM : loaded up and heading home!

6-something PM : bedtime for Colby & Clara, complete with lots and lots of stalling, as is customary these days

7-something PM : flannel jammies, cozy socks, and Broadchurch, our latest Netflix obsession

8-something PM : Enjoying the fire and finishing up Broadchurch (Brian clearly missed the cozy sock memo) 

9-something PM : Filling out the day's Q&A journal before bed (thanks to my friend, Heather, for the suggestion)!

And that, my friends, is a pretty typical day in my life.


  1. Truly thrilling! But really, I should do this some time because I always think it's interesting to get these glimpses into other people's days! Also, congrats on finishing the challenge!

  2. I love this!! But what on earth- your kids go to bed in the 6:00 range?!?!? Also, I am jealous of your giant windows in your office!! I'm in the "ask people what life is like on the outside" interior-office club.

  3. SO GLAD you did this with me! It was definitely fun to compare how we approached topics. :)
    Also, the 10am water pic... totally thought you were blow-drying your shoes and was completely confused. :)

  4. Way to finish strong! And like Allison, I always love getting a look into another person's typical day, so thanks for posting!

  5. Hi! I stumbled across your blog while googling my name (Joiner), go Joiner! And I'm really just visiting to say hi, and I loved finding out more about you.

    How do you get your kids to go to bed so early??? My daughter refuses to go to bed any earlier than 11pm, even though she's been put in her crib since 8...

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  6. I love posts like this. :) I noticed you were wearing skinny pants at work (in your water break post) - love that your Fix got you wearing some new pants at work!!

  7. I love these posts! The Q&A book looks fun!

  8. I really love posts like this. And I totally agree, it was hard to document a day in the life when so much time was spent at work. This is why my post included a photo of my work pen. Which I actually love :)My pen, not the photo!