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Monday, January 18, 2016

My 2015 non-resolution update/follow-up for 2016

After I listed out my non-resolutions for 2015 around this same time last year, I'm certain that all of you spent the remainder of the year wondering which ones I stuck with and which ones I didn't. Well wonder no longer, my internet friends, because I'm hear to share the outcome of each with you:

Non-resolution #1: Lift weights at least 1x/week.
Outcome: Failure. Major failure.
Follow-up for 2016: While I do feel guilty about not making more of an effort on this one, I don't feel convicted enough to do any better in 2016, so I'm just going to settle for a future of osteoporosis... and flabby arms.

Non-resolution #2: Stop cussing.
Outcome: Mostly a failure. I started off the year strong, but then I continued to parent two strong-willed toddlers and my resolve disappeared. They won. For the record, I did not have this problem prior to having children.
Follow-up for 2016: My aim for 2016 is to improve my language in general, and this includes not cussing (particularly out of anger). I'm also trying to stop using the word "hate" (even when it's in a seemingly harmless context). Here's my new theme song:

Non-resolution #3: Go to a Girls' Night Out movie.
Outcome: Success! Allison, Brittnie, and I saw You've Got Mail a few months ago.
Follow-up for 2016: This is a fun idea and we enjoyed ourselves, but it's a bit of a hassle for a weeknight activity, so I probably won't be trying again unless it's a can't-miss movie.

Non-resolution #4: Eat a meal alone with Brian at least 2x/month.
Outcome: Semi-success! I didn't necessarily keep tabs on this each month, but we definitely got out without the kids at least twice a month, and even though many of our dates were with other people, it was still beneficial to escape.
Follow-up for 2016: More of the same. I'm also hoping we can plan one weekend getaway for the Spring and one again in the Fall.

Pic from a quadruple date we had this year- fact: dates are always more fun when you're matching

Non-resolution #5: Find a regular doctor and get a basic physical.
Outcome: Success! I did this back in August and was thankful to get a clean bill of health.
Follow-up for 2016: Get another physical and maybe find a doctor I connect with a little better.

Non-resolution #6: Get involved in some form or fashion at church.
Outcome: Success! This is the non-resolution that I'm most grateful to have actually accomplished. We started attending a church last January, joined a small group almost immediately, and officially became members in August. We also started volunteering at the childcare registration desk and have since both joined two separate committees, so I'd say this one is done and done.
Follow-up for 2016: Continue to get to know our small group better and stay involved.

Small group Christmas party

For all other goals I hope to accomplish in 2016, check out my 25 before 32 list - I still have 16 left, eek!


the blogivers said...

I had forgotten about your 25 before 32 list! You can pay me to take pictures of your family (since you didn't specify the photographer needed to be a professional) - boom, #1 off the list.

Brittnie said...

I'm impressed you guys got in two meals alone per month, or at least close enough! Brandon and I totally failed at any type of date night last year so this year we are making a chance. We set a babysitter for the first Friday night of every month! So. Excited. It's expensive yes (not using family), but I think will be worth it in the end.

Also, I must say painting with a twist was really fun!! I did it last summer and enjoyed it. . . even with my non creative skills. I was expecting to be super stressed the entire time, but it was nothing of the sort. :)

Jenni said...

Good idea to work on removing hate from your vocabulary. May as well throw stupid on that list, too. Pretty soon your kids will call you out for saying the "h word" or the "s word" like mine do!

Katy said...

We need to hang out more, for lots of reasons, but mostly your attitude towards #1. I love you for it.

And the best way to eliminate a word from your vocabulary is to teach your kids its a bad word and nobody can say it. I told Jonathan early on "we don't say hate or stupid! Those are ugly words!" and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I say it (which is a lot), he calls me on it. Instant accountability!

Erika said... that I know you completely failed at lifting weights, I'm not even sure I want to be friends with you anymore. I mean, wow. It was nice knowing you, though!

Brittany said...

I'd say you did pretty well!

Emily said...

LOL about the cussing. But I'd say overall you accomplished most goals so hey, that's progress!

Natasha said...

Thanks to your 2015 non-resolutions I also got a physical last year so thanks for being inspiring! And I'm planning on meeting Dave for lunch at least once a month starting in September (when I have more time and can walk to his work during the day) to have some date time, also thanks to your resolution.

Hey, you didn't lift weights but you made my life better :)