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Friday, January 8, 2016

Family (Week 29)

First of all, this is the closest I've come to not meeting my deadline on the 30-week writing challenge. I have a lot of really great whiney excuses that I'll share with you next week, but the important thing is that I still made it in time.

Second, I already wrote a lengthy post about my siblings, so it seems redundant to write about each of my family members again.

Third, I e-mailed my dad asking him to do a guest post since he is super into the family tree/ancestry thing, but he completely ignored me and didn't even respond, so I took that to mean he wasn't interested.

So instead, I'm going to stick with a basic overview of how my "family" came to be:

My original fam at my wedding in 2007

My dad, Steve, was born and raised in Houston (minus a brief stint in San Antonio). He grew up as the oldest of 3, with one younger brother and one younger sister. He moved to Dallas to attend college and later law school at SMU, where he met my mom. His parents ("Jean Mom and Roy" to us) live here in Sugar Land, as does his sister and her family. His brother sadly passed away in 2012.

My mom, Betsy, was born and raised in Dallas (minus a brief stint in New Jersey... random). She also grew up as the oldest of 3, with one younger brother and one younger sister. Her parents and siblings all stayed in Dallas, so we grew up alongside our 6 cousins on that side, which is part of why I'm so thankful to have the opportunity for Colby & Clara to grow up near at least some of their cousins toady!

My grandfather on that side ("Dee") unfortunately passed away in 2008, but my grandmother ("Mom Brown") is still alive and well and lives just down the street from my parents. My mom's siblings still live close by as well, and then the cousins are scattered throughout the U.S.

My parents got married in Dallas in 1972. My dad finished up law school and started practicing as an attorney while my mom was a 1st grade teacher. They had my older sister, Elizabeth, in 1977, then my older brother, Andrew, in 1980, and saved the best for last when Allison and I made our surprise double debut in 1983.

We lived in Dallas until my dad changed jobs in 1996, moving us all to Austin. Sixteen years later, my parents got a random offer from someone to buy their house in Austin  when it wasn't on the market, so they decided to replant their roots back in Dallas in 2012, much to my mom's delight (she had no interest in keeping Austin weird). They now have their primary residence there and a small apartment in Austin where my dad stays during the week for work.

As you're all aware, Brian and I met at A&M and got married back in 2007. At that point, I inherited a whole new family! Brian's parents met at McNeese State in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and eventually relocated to the Houston area and had Brian in 1983. In 1988, his little sis, Shannon, joined the scene and completed their family.

I've never spent much time around Brian's dad's side of the family, but I know his mom's side very well and we're fortunate to get to see them so often.

Brian's original fam at someone else's wedding in 2010

And of course, in 2013, our own family was forever changed when Colby and Clara were born.

Our current fam (not at anyone's wedding)


Brittnie said...

Maybe someone will make a random offer on our house before we list it to make all my house selling dreams come true!

the blogivers said...

Let's make this all about me: I don't like that picture of me from your wedding. I guess you don't like pics of you from my wedding, and I don't like pics of me from your wedding, so we're even! Do you think God made us look less attractive those days so the bride would stand out more?

Shannon said...

Maybe I can help out with a new family photo if/when I ever have a wedding ;) #anytimenowfuturehusband

P.S. Thanks for forcing us to take that picture in 2010. It might be the only one of the "original" Joiners since 1998.

Erika said...

This was really interesting to me! I didn't realize that your dad lived in a different city during the work week- that must be tough! (I was going to ask how far apart Dallas and Austin are, but...Google is there for a reason. Ha.)

Allena said...

I love posts like this - always interesting to learn more about people you feel vested in (even if it is just through blogging, ha). I did a post a few months back comparing my childhood to Brent and putting it together was a lot of fun. Like we both had working moms and were the younger siblings, stuff like that.

Emily said...

What struck me the most about this post is that your mom is no way looks like a Betsy to me. I've seen pictures of your mom plenty of times in your blog, but I never knew her name. The name Betsy makes me think of barefoot-in-the-kitchen pregnant Stepford Wife of Kansas. But your mom looks (and sounds) like a super cool person so I always pictured a very trendy name like... (mind blanks)... Piper.

(I acknowledge this comment makes no sense.)

Natasha said...

I am finally getting a chance to catch up on your blog a bit. (Thank sick Rachel for not being well enough to go to dance camp but well enough to be annoying. Ha!)

Anyways, I like how you approached this week of the writing challenge. I like learning more details about people.

Also Alison's and Emily's comments made me laugh!!!