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Friday, January 22, 2016

Advice wanted!

I'm here to find out if you, my readers, have any valuable advice to offer me in any or all of the following categories:

1. Upcoming weekend trip to Fredericksburg
Brian thoughtfully surprised me by suggesting a (childless) trip to Fredericksburg over Valentine's Day weekend. I've been once before for a day trip, but am mostly clueless about the town, so I'm calling on my (Texas) friends that have been to share your favorite places to shop, things to do, and most importantly, places to eat.

Disclaimer: I am not a wine fan (blasphemous, I know), so although I know there are plenty of good ones in the area, wineries are really not an ideal option!

2. Master bathroom remodel
1.5 years after moving into our house, we are finally ready to tackle the project of remodeling our master bathroom (or rather, of having someone else remodel our master bathroom). I am really terrible with interior decorating and don't have an eye for this kind of thing, so any and all suggestions about shower tile, floor tile, counter tops, and paint colors are welcome!

Hard to tell, but those beauties are, indeed, sea shell-shaped sinks.

The biggest issue for me is that we want a door between the bedroom and the bathroom (Dear 1980s Builder, WHY did you think it was ok to not include a door?!). But because of the cabinets, we won't be able to install a normal door, so the contractor has suggested a wall mounted sliding barn door. I'm having trouble conceptualizing it, though, and so far this is the only picture that offers a look I'm even remotely ok with:

And actually, I don't like the hardware on this one- just the door itself. Help!

3. Twins' "Big Kid" Bedroom Ideas
As long as I'm obsessing about one room in the house, I might as well throw in another, right? The twins are still sleeping in their cages cribs, and although I'd like to keep it that way until they're 18, we'll probably move them into twin beds (still sharing a room) some time in the coming months.

I'm not planning to go crazy with a theme or anything, so basically I just want to find bedding and go from there. I'd like to stick with the current color scheme (green as the main color with brown accents for him and pink accents for her), and it would be nice if it's something Clara could keep when the room eventually becomes just hers. Thoughts?

TIA (that's short for "thanks in advance," but apparently it's also short for "Transient Ischemic Attack," which is another term for a mini-stroke. So that's neat.)!


  1. 1. When we went to Fburg for 2 nights back in 2008, I think all we did was shop on Main Street and eat! Oh and we went to some random Christmas show. But there were lots of cute little shops there!

    2. I'm no help. I need 3 choices for things and then I can pick between those 3.

    3. I already gave my feedback, so quit pressuring me!

  2. Ok so bathroom: My first suggestion would be a pocket door. My parents have pocket doors in their master bath and love it. I don't know the structural requirements for that (obviously, you can have a stud on one side) but it's worth a question. I also don't like the look of barn doors because I'm anti-trendy like that. My only other suggestion is do NOT do marble countertops because it shows water stains like nothing else.

    As for the twins, I'm excited to see what you come up with since we put exactly ZERO thought/money into Aaron's room aside from the cardboard Thomas bedsheets. I hear great things about Pottery Barn sheets so if you want to spend a little extra $$$ for coordinating girl/boy, that's my suggestions. Land of Nod seems to also get a lot of head nods (pun intended). But I have to imagine Target is just fine, too. I expect a full blog update on your progress. :)

  3. Well clearly you need to keep the seashell sinks. They just don't make 'em like that anymore!! It is really strange that there's no door between the bedroom and bathroom, though. Maybe the builder was going for a Cheap 80s Motel vibe? Very appealing. Ummm...I personally like the barn door look, but I agree with others (here and commenting on FB) that they are really trendy and also don't really seem to 'go' with your general decorating vibe, so it may look really out of place. A pocket door may be a better idea? Or why don't you just hire a designer and a contractor and let them plan the whole thing for you, like on HGTV shows!

  4. Our new home doesn't have a door from master to bath, either. So we hung a heavy curtain that we can open or close depending on who is sleeping or who is showering. lol I want to do the barn door but it's pricey, so this is our solution for now. Doesn't hide sound but offers privacy. The rule is: if it's closed, treat it like a door and knock!

  5. There's a super delicious steak house in Fredericksburg, but I can't remember the name of it. And tons of places with live music at night! Those are in town, so Bryan (sp?) can have a beer and you can have a marg!

    Also, I LOVE the barn door idea!

  6. Wow! A lot of DIY about to happen your end. I would suggest a bifold door for the bathroom (Ensuite). It would be lighter than the suggested barn door which would be safer for the little ones, and easer to install. If doing the bathroon yourself I highly recommend Large sheet splashbacks which are easy to install. Good luck!

    Wilfred Andrews @ LB Plumbing and Heating

  7. I'm obviously way too late to make any helpful suggestions but does it help to know that I wouldn't have had any?!?!

  8. With the twin's room, you could add personal touches through accessories for example picture frames, throws and rugs. That way you can keep the colour scheme but make it more individual for each child at the same time. At this age, I'm sure the size of the room is more exciting for the twins rather than what's in it!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing