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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What do I want? (Week 28)

My answer will surprise no one that has talked to me in the past several weeks: I want to be finished with potty training. I don't know why I have allowed it to cause me such anxiety... actually, yes I do, because I don't want poop and pee all over our house or the children's clothes or myself and I really appreciate the convenience of diapers.

Anyway, the plan is to embark on Operation: Potty Train the Twins on New Year's Day. Start the year off with a bang, right? I mean, if we can accomplish that in the first 3 days (yes, I know it will actually take longer than 3 days), then just think of what all we can accomplish throughout the remainder of the year! Heck, we might even be able to complete the crib-to-bed transition at some point (another task I'm dreading).

So yeah, that's all I really want right now. I guess if I'm being greedy, I would also like to extend my current 11-day vacation from work for another couple of weeks or so... but once you factor in the potty training thing, I probably won't be all that bummed about going back to work next Monday and handing the hopefully-mostly-potty-trained twinkies off to their loving daycare teachers to handle :)

Supplies have been procured:
- pull-ups
- Clorox wipes
- carpet cleaner
- fiber-filled snacks
- juice
- reward candy
(little potties and removable "comfort" potty seat were purchased and introduced many moons ago)

Now if I could just find a restaurant that's willing to deliver margaritas, we should be all set! Wish us luck and stay tuned for a progress report (or don't, because I realize reading about other people's children's bathroom habits is not at the top of everyone's hobby list).

(Pic taken in July, FYI)


  1. You can do it, I have faith in you!!!

  2. GOOD LUCK! It SUCKS and I most definitely cried the first day (and that's with one child!) but it's true that if you persevere, it'll pay out. I'm super curious to see which twin catches on first. My vote is for Clara to be the surprise winner.

  3. You can do it! I did the 3 day intensive as well (at least that's what it sounds like you are doing) and it totally worked! was awful, No sugar coating it. But it worked and my guys picked it up quickly with that system. Allow yourself and the littles lots of grace and plenty of your treat of choice (I think I drank 10 Diet Cokes on day two!!) Before you know it, you will be done!

  4. UUUGGGGHHH. I totally understand the dread. I NEVER want to potty train Millie. Diapers are the best thing ever. And since we cloth diaper, I don't even have the incentive of not paying for diapers to lure me. I have ZERO reasons to want to potty train. The process sounds gross, and then the semi-potty-trained-but-still-having-accidents phase sounds gross, and having to dash into public restrooms sounds gross...anyway. I hope you have a lot of treats for you and Brian to get you through the weekend/next year!!!!!

  5. I clearly have no advice in this department, but here's to hoping it goes better and quicker than you expect!

  6. Just think -- it went pretty well and now you can dream about everything else you want that isn't related to the twins learning about self-care!

    Although really what I want is for the 4pm meltdowns to end so wanting things from our children is a never ending process.