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Friday, December 4, 2015

Visiting Santa

As you've probably already seen on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Allison's recent post, we decided to get a head start on the festivities this year and took the twins to see Santa the weekend before Thanksgiving. Was it a little early? Perhaps. Do we regret it? Not at all. And here's why:

1. No line.
2. Happy Santa that was not yet tired of children.
3. No line.

Now if you ask Colby and Clara if they regret the decision, their answer might be different, because let's just say they weren't exactly all smiles for the man in the big red suit:


And finally, the winner:
Yep, we paid $30+ for prints of this bad boy.

You might recall that this is very similar to last year's encounter with Santa, which means so far, we are 1 for 3 with the twins not looking terrified during Santa pics:
Maybe the key is having Mrs. Claus involved?

Anyway, we told the twins that if they cooperated for pictures, we'd get them a cookie and a small toy. Clearly they did not cooperate, but we felt bad for traumatizing them, so we followed through anyway.

For several days after the visit, Colby kept saying, "I saw Santa. I crying." And when I asked Clara why she was crying, she said, "I wanted to hold you!" Poor, tortured children. 

Nonetheless, they'll tell anyone that asks that Santa is bringing Clara a princess and Colby an Avenger, so apparently they don't think their behavior was bad enough to get them on the naughty list. And let's be honest, when you're that cute, who would really put you on the naughty list? ;)


the blogivers said...

Better luck next year, twinkies!

Erika said...

Bahahaha I love that they clearly remember the event and the trauma surrounding it!! Poor kiddos!! They definitely deserved those cookies!

Brittnie said...

You all def had the right idea by going early!! We still haven't gone. :) Also, I think the Santa from the mall pics looks so sweet!

Emily said...

Omg that is just too cute. I have to admit that I am a bit disappointed I don't get crying pictures with Santa. Aaron always just looks at us weird like: "Whyyyy????" Amusing, but not as amusing as the full blown hysteria. I guess I SHOULDN'T be trying to traumatize my child but c'mon! Funny pictures!

Natasha said...

I like how happy Santa looks despite the twins freaking out. And crying Santa pictures always make me a little sad that we don't do Santa. Does that make me a little sadistic?