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Monday, December 7, 2015

Toddlers in cute winter hats, etc.

We had a pretty eventful weekend 'round these parts. I love the holidays for a million reasons, not the least of which is the variety of entertainment/activity options to fill up our time. Yes, I have to resist the temptation to overfill our calendars, but it's so nice to not have to think that hard to come up with things to do.

First, hats. This isn't an activity, BUT the pictures are still worth sharing:

Colby's hat is a hand-me-down from Davis and although he is not a fan of headwear, he was sold as soon as he heard that his beloved cousin once owned it. Clara, devoted fan of all accessories, is, of course, all about wearing her hats. These owl and kitty hats are both leftover from last year's winter wardrobe and still (sort of) fit. 

Second, and this is a big one: we took the twins to see their first movie! We opted for a 10 am showing of The Good Dinosaur on Saturday morning and thanks to a giant bag of ($8) popcorn and a theater full of other children/parents that didn't mind a little noise, it was a success! I don't know why I didn't expect this, but I was very amused about all of the (loud) editorial commentary they provided throughout the movie. "Oh no, dinosaur fell down!", "Dinosaur find his mommy?", etc. Pretty cute.

(And as a bonus, we also really enjoyed the movie. It reminded me plot-wise a little bit of The Lion King.)

We refilled the bag of popcorn once and made it halfway through the second bag. I'm pretty sure Clara was responsible for 90% of what was consumed.

Third, we headed out to Sugar Land Holiday Lights on Saturday night with the Olivers. Like last year, we had a great time; unlike last year, we did not make it onto the local news. Oh, and also like last year, Clara lost her mind when we had to get off the carousel (both times). 

(See what I mean about Clara's hat only sort of fitting?)

Top pic: coloring and "writing letters" to Santa
Bottom pics: Fun times on the carousel; Clara rode the monkey that Colby is on as well and when I asked her what it's name was, she said "Maria" - too funny!

And lastly, Brian and I enjoyed a child-free Christmas date last night. Two of our favorite artists that happen to have made two of our favorite Christmas albums (here and here) were performing together at a church in Houston, so how could we not go?

Personally, I think more concerts should feature the lyrics displayed on the screen....

Stay tuned for more Christmas-y posts about Christmas-y things because I simply cannot stop myself...


  1. We'll have to try a movie again some time with all of the gremlins - too bad Frozen isn't in theaters, because that could guarantee Avery would pay attention. Glad the concert was fun!!

  2. Y'all had a fun weekend!!

    I am super impressed how the kids handled the movie! I wonder if Camille is still too young (will be 2 in Jan) or if she could handle it? She watched Inside Out from beginning to end the other day (no, I don't think she understood the message but at least she was sitting still???). I'm going to think on this. . .

  3. So fun!! I love Clara's love of head accessories! I think Millie's on track to be like that. She is definitely all about her bows, and she knows where they belong if she finds one lying around somewhere! That sounds like a great concert, too!

  4. So you recommend the Good Dinosaur? We watched Inside Out for the first time this past weekend and both Adam and I felt it was horribly depressing movie.
    Very glad the twins were so good for their first movie! Aaron also provided a bit of toddler commentary, which I also found quite amusing.

  5. What a fun, festive weekend! I'm so impressed that C&C made it through the whole movie!

  6. You guys are braver than us because we still haven't taken Rachel to her first movie and Sam has only seen one in theatres. Although the super-cute commentary might be worth taking them.