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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Something I could never get tired of doing (Week 26)

I think I'm too literal to handle a prompt like this, because there really isn't anything that I could never get tired of doing. It's kind of like when my family moved into a house with a swimming pool when I was a kid and I swore I would NEVER get tired of having one. We used it almost daily that first summer, but by a couple of summers later, it was rare if it got put to use at all. Case in point: even the best things eventually get old.

So I'm instead going to go with the most honest (and boring) answer possible: drinking water.

Yep, I went there. I am not kidding when I say that water is my favorite beverage and that I crave it all day, every day. I pretend I'm still a camp counselor and carry one of these bad boys with me wherever I go, including to meetings at work, which I'm sure makes me seem very mature and professional:

I usually fill this up about 4 times a day, which means I drink approximately 120+ ounces of H2O per day. (To answer your question: yes, I do frequent the little girls' room as a result of this habit).

Back in my younger days, I was addicted to Coca Cola (I would have said "coke," but I didn't think that would be smart to pair with the word "addict"). For a reason I can't remember, I decided to stop drinking them in 9th grade and started replacing them with water. I never did go back to drinking soft drinks (except the occasional Sprite), so this really is about the only thing I drink. Once again, I know how riveting it is to read about my life- you're welcome.

I'm really not sure how to expound upon this topic any further... so I won't. So now you tell me: what is something you could never get tired of doing?


  1. 4 fill-ups a day is more than I do... is it like waterboarding yourself every day?

  2. Another family type thing. I drink more fluids than anyone I know. Except I alternate waters and teas and toss in fuzzy waters too. And I can pretty much tell you where every bathroom in Sugar Land is which is handy when it comes to potty training.

  3. I wish I felt this way about water. I am so bad at remembering to drink (anything). Ummm I think I would never get tired of getting a massage. I mean, eventually I'd have to get up to eat and drink, but I wouldn't be tired of it.

  4. Drinking coffee. Gosh I wish I could drink it all day, everyday. Esp this time of year I just crave it ALL THE DAY LONG. I can't of course unless I don't ever want to sleep at night but I can dream!

  5. Do you really have no caffeine in your life?!?! I am so impressed. Also, I'm envious as right now I rarely drink water. Blah.

  6. I am actually very jealous of this. I HATE plain water and have to force myself to drink it. It isn't until my lips get chapped and remind me that I'm dehydrated, that I really fill up on it. It's a terrible habit. You are like 100 times healthier than me....good work!

  7. Amen on the water thing. I never considered that my bright blue 32 oz Nalgene may be considered "unprofessional" but oh well. At least it's healthier than those people carting their soda cans everywhere!