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Monday, December 14, 2015

Family pictures 2015

"Have family pictures taken by a paid photographer" is still an item on my 25 before 32 list. In the meantime, we will continue taking advantage of Brian's sister, Shannon (who has a birthday today! Happy birthday to my favorite SIL!), and her free services. 

We actually took our Christmas card pictures way back in September because (a) the opportunity presented itself and (b) I'm insane.

Clara happened to barf 3 different times that day and the dress she's wearing went through the washing machine twice before these pictures were actually taken. Most moms would have thrown in the towel and cut their losses at that point, but not me. Did I mention I'm insane?

In the end, we picked a winner, but allow me to show you the process it took to get there:

This was the first one we took and was actually a contender, but I didn't have the skillz to edit the pic so that we didn't blend in with the white brick wall behind us. FYI, our skin isn't pale, it's PORCELAIN.

Once again with the lighting, but I do love this action shot to show what photo shoots with toddlers are really like. Except even this doesn't accurately capture reality because I don't have smoke coming out of my ears or rage in my eyes.

Such a sweet little muffin (sometimes)

A few thoughts on this one of me and my little shadow:
1. Our dresses did not come in a matching set, believe it or not - hers was from Hanna Andersson and mine was from Anthropologie. This suggests we are much trendier than we actually are, so you should know my mom gifted both of them to us.
2. The way the dress falls suggests I'm thinner than I actually am. Not complaining, but I felt the need to clarify.
3. I love her.

Clara's face

I'm pretty sure Colby spotted an airplane (can you tell?), but again: Clara's face

The winner!

The finished product

Thanks again, Shannon, for your help and patience! We owe you big time when you have uncooperative little ones of your own one day :) 


the blogivers said...

I like the action shots - you should have made a collage on the card and included some of them! Next year...

Brittnie said...

Trying to get a good pic with toddlers is always an event! Love your card! If you're lucky you will get ours before Christmas Day. :)

Emily said...

What, a gift from Anthro? I was about to be like, um, I think you are too cool to be friends with me. But then you clarified that your mother gifted it and I felt okay again. Whew!
Also, I love this progression. super cute.

Erika said...

Love the progression and your dedication to washing that dress TWICE in one day!! Amazing! And I need your mom to be in charge of buying me presents, thanks!

IVF Centre in India said...

Awwww soo sweet.......
Look at your cute babies!!
You all are looking great.

Brittany said...

I love all of them! I also love how you and Clara match. So cute!

Natasha said...

These are great pictures and there's a reason Christmas cards include only pictures and never video! What with all the giggles and precious sweetness as everyone cooperates so nicely for every photo. Or at least in my dreams...

Sorry this comment is rambly -- it's been a long day.