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Monday, November 2, 2015


I'm not gonna lie: I'm going to miss hearing my little munchkins exclaim, "Twick-or-tweat!" and "Happy Hawoween!" on repeat. They really got into the festivities this year and I think they're going to be disappointed in the coming weeks to learn that costumes, candy, and all things "spooky" will not be a part of their every day routine.

It was really fun to watch them and made me excited for the enthusiasm that they're going to have for the upcoming holidays... but for the sake of keeping it real, it was also really exhausting! So many activities, so much sugar, and so little downtime. As usual, the female members of the family were the hardest hit by the disruption of our normal routine. Clara has been acting like a tiny terrorist for the past week and Mommy has likewise been majorly on edge. Thank you, Daddy and Colby, for putting up with us.

Anyway, let's get on with the picture overload:

Friday was spent with (1) a costume parade + party at daycare, (2) trick-or-treating at Daddy's office, and (3) dinner with the Olivers and my parents. Much of my time between (2) and (3) was spent saying, "No, you cannot have another piece of candy," and, "Please stop whining or I am going to run away."

Tiny terrorist, er, I mean, Super Girl was surprisingly cooperative for our early morning photo shoot

Superman was not, but promises of candy at 6:45 am helped somewhat

Clara was "hulking out," in case it isn't obvious.

Fueling up for the big day ahead

Cute Franken-feet crafts

This was a great warm-up for Saturday night, although Daddy's co-workers were so generous that I was worried the twins were going to expect that at every house we visited!

Just a few super heroes watching the cars pass by

Saturday started off with some pretty yucky weather, but we still squeezed in a short visit to a local church's Fall festival before nap time. We spent the afternoon and evening doing a little early birthday celebrating for cousin, Avery, and of course, trick-or-treating! 

As per usual, neither of my children will even look at the camera, while Avery and Davis are perfectly cooperative!

Chaos aside, at least we got a decent family pic!

Guess which Super Twin was the most overwhelmed...

Allison and I dressed up as each other... genius, right? ;)

One of Brian's bosses gifted us with this wagon when the twins were babies and I always envisioned them going trick-or-treating in it... fun to see it in action!

Davis did a great job leading the way for the little ones... he was also the designated doorbell ringer, but that didn't stop Colby from following up with a few repeat rings once he got up to the porch. Sorry, neighbs!

Also amusing about Colby: at one house early on, he got a ring pop that looked like it had a spider web on the package, so at each of the following houses, he would pull out the ring pop to show the person and yell, "I GOT A SPIDERMAN!" He then waited to leave until the person expressed an appropriate amount of interest in his treasure ;)

I know, seriously, these two are just too much!

Even Superman needs a hand to hold every now and then :)

And when the kids decided to walk, my dad and Brian (aka: Spiderman) made sure the wagon was still put to good use...

Winning son-in-law points

This house was seriously terrifying, but our brave little ones didn't let that deter them from getting candy.

And my two favorite "aftermath" pictures...

Clara and her bucket of candy (which we miraculously convinced her not to take to bed with her)

Colby on Sunday morning- as soon as he woke up for the day, he insisted on putting his mask and cape back on :)

Hope you all had a happy Halloween weekend!


  1. Fun weekend! I am impressed that your kids would brave the scary houses! We never took our girls trick or treating, but Camille did pass out candy to all the kids that rang our door bell. But anytime a kid would come up with ANY kind of mask on (whether scary or just fun/cute) she would FREAK out and proclaim "NO, NO, NO," and start shaking and demand I hold her. :)

  2. Glad we got to spend Hawoween together and that the kids had so much fun twick-or-tweating!

  3. Great pictures! Love those little super heroes!

  4. I agree that Halloween was extra special this year because they are at an age where they GET IT! I absolutely love the super twins costume and still can't get over how grown-up Clara looks with her hair pulled back!

    Did you and Brain administer a "tax" on their candy? :)

  5. Your supertwins are pretty cute!!!

    I love the trick-or-treating at the office especially since our Hallowe'en weather has pretty much sucked since we moved back to Ontario. Rain, rain, and more rain.