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Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving pre-party

In this case, "pre-party" means watching a bunch of toddlers not sing the words to songs they've memorized and then all of the parents and kids eating a pot luck turkey dinner together at 4:30 in the afternoon. That's how most people define the term... right?

Yes, the twins' daycare held its annual Thanksgiving program/dinner last Thursday and it did not disappoint. You might recall that during last year's performance, Colby stood motionless and speechless while Clara lost her faculties and spent the majority of the program recovering in Mommy's lap. Standard protocol for 1.5-year-olds.

This year, however, I had set my expectations a little higher because they had been singing the songs at home and showing some actual interest in the event. The verdict? It's safe to say that my expectations were too high, BUT neither of them cried and at one point, Clara even moved her mouth ever so slightly along to the lyrics of one of the songs. Meanwhile, Colby alternated two expressions: totally-pissed-off and slightly-amused-but-unwilling-to-fully-smile:

During the group song where all of the classes sang together at the end, the twins, for one of the first times in their lives, actually looked like twins:

Yes, they spent the entirety of "This Land is Your Land" with their hands in their mouths, but again, no tears, so I'm not complaining. Also, how festive were their outfits? Brian's mom got Clara the cute turkey dress and I got Colby's football turkey shirt from Screaming Owl.

After the program, we joined the kids in their classroom for dinner. Brian and I were actually the first to sign up, and I think all working moms will virtually high five me for snagging "4-2 liter drinks" and "rolls" from the sign-up sheet.

We had fun chatting with the other parents and getting to watch the kids in their element (their element being semi-organized chaos). Colby took his meal very seriously and stayed in his seat to eat every last bite while the other kids ran around like rabid monkeys. He's going to be in for quite a treat when the real Thanksgiving arrives this week!

We're looking forward to spending Turkey Day with Brian's family... and let's be honest, we're also looking forward to a shortened work week. Hope you all have a fun and safe Thanksgiving week/weekend as well!

(Don't worry, I'll be sure to squeeze in this week's writing challenge post before the week's over!)


Brittnie said...

1. I'm laughing at Colby's mad face!! So serious!
2. Love Clara's turkey dress!! Makes me want to go my girls something festive to wear.
3. No shame in the 2 liter drinks and rolls - even this non working mom would snag that off the list first!!
4. Hope you have a great holiday and enjoy the extra time off your regular work routine!

the blogivers said...

ETA: Allison was nice enough to meet us there to deliver a slip for my inappropriate work attire and then she and the kids sat and watched the show! My sister, niece, and nephew are the greatest.

Aww, what a sweet shout-out, thank you! We enjoyed watching your little rising stars!

Emily said...

Perhaps its safe to say they do not have a future in show biz? Not a bad thing at all. Also, kind of jealous we don't have a Thanksgiving feast at my daycare. Pfft.

Natasha said...

It seems like next year they might actually sing a verse. Things are looking up! And way to snag drinks and rolls. I'm trying to figure out how to change my "dessert" to "drinks" for this weekend's party.