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Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving highlights

Short work/school week. Lots of eating. Lots of togetherness. Extra time spent in the car. Minimal sleeping (due to room-sharing with toddlers and colds for 3/4 of the family). That basically sums up our Thanksgiving "break" in a nutshell, but lucky for you, I took plenty of pictures and have included the highlight reel for today:

1. Pictures from my SIL's fancy camera
Seriously, if you don't have a sister-in-law with a nice camera AND the willingness/patience to photograph your family whenever you're together, then you need to remedy that.

Thanksgiving 2015 family pic at Brian's grandparents' ranch in La Grange

Laughing at Mimi and Granddaddy

Looking for cows/horses/deer

2. Hanging around the ranch with Brian's family

They love this window sill, if you can't tell.

3. Getting pumped up for Christmas

4. And last, by not least, recovering (complete with meltdowns, Mexican food, and reuniting with the Olivers)

This kid loathes wearing shirts with a collar but will happily keep a hood on his head for hours...

Hope your turkey days were happy and that you're feeling #blessednotstressed about the Christmas season that is now upon us!


  1. So many cute pics of the twinks!! Hope re-entry into the real world goes smoothly for everyone today!

  2. Yay for in-laws who take our pictures for free! Mine took ours this year too :) Which is a good thing, seeing as my back up was the timer and camera on my phone...

  3. Ugh, can I borrow your SIL?? That seems pretty fantastic. Millie was violently opposed to all photos we attempted to take this weekend. It was tragic. Also, the second windowsill pic made me feel a LOT better about the first one...the first one has no perspective for how high off the ground they are, and I was a little freaked out/super impressed! Good to know it was only about 6 inches, haha!

  4. Glad you all had a nice break! Have I told you I used to drive one a month to La Grange to visit a client family when I was a social worker? Sweet family adopting a teen girl! I always think of them anytime I read about your trips to Brian's grandparents. :)

  5. Colds for 3/4? YUCK. Also, I need someone in my life with a fancy camera.

  6. I NEED to work on remedying the lack of SIL with nice camera. On another note, LOVE the matching pj's! I have the exact same ones for my two babies as well!

  7. Since it's Christmas Day, I now have time to catch up on my blog reading! Ha!

    What is Thanksgiving without a meltdown or two?!?! I can tell you I'm sure looking forward to the post-Christmas, post-Oma and Ope leaving meltdowns that I'm sure 3/4 of our family will be having. Ha!