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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

One thing I've never done that most people have (Week 22)

I mean, I definitely know how to belabor a point (just ask Brian!), but how do the creators of this writing challenge expect me to devote an entire post to something I've never actually done? I'll give it my best shot nonetheless.

So one thing that I feel like everyone has done except for me is go skiing. My family and I went to the mountains in New Mexico every year growing up, but it was always in the summer. We did visit Santa Fe during the holidays twice, but we were too busy partaking in activities that didn't involve potentially decapitating ourselves to hit the slopes.

I actually went so far as to go on a ski trip with some friends in college, but never actually went skiing. Truth be told, I only went on the trip to spend more time around a boy I liked, and since he wasn't planning to ski, the decision to stay back and hang at the house was clearly an easy one for me (Clara, if your future self is reading this, please don't follow my example).

Speaking of boys I like, Brian is a big fan of skiing, so I suppose we'll take the kids one day, but chances are high that I will hang back and enjoy looking at the snow from the warmth of the indoors. Don't get me wrong - I'm all about enjoying the great outdoors, but from what I've gathered, skiing is:

1. expensive
2. dangerous
3. cold
4. exhausting

And those 4 adjectives don't make for an ideal vacation activity in my book. And while I like to think I'm still in pretty decent shape, I'm not getting any younger, so I don't know how well my body would even respond at this point.

Here's me and Brian (ALMOST ELEVEN YEARS AGO AND HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!) hanging out in the snow and not skiing during a trip to California

So now it's your turn: what one thing have you never done that most people have?


Brittnie said...

I'll be honest. . . skiing is much easier to learn when young. I started skiing in 3rd grade and I'm no medalist, but I can hold my own with Brandon and the guys! That said, there is NO WAY I would be motivated to try now, if I had never tried before. I would totally give up after two seconds!!!

One thing I have never done that most people have? I have never run in an actual organized race. I tried in college once, but I walked most the way so I don't think that counts. But this day and age I feel like everyone is running races left and right!! I will pass thank you very much.

Nelson Bartley said...

I took a ski lesson at 58, only to realize that knee I broke at 18 still wasn't strong enough to ski on 40 years later. But at least I tried.
Hmmm. What haven't I done?
Hot air balloon? Want to. Sky diving? No desire. Have been up in a glider plane, though, so that covers dangerous air activities.
Good question.
I've never been to Costco. That always surprises people.

stephnachia said...

I went skiing one time in college... Hated it!! No desire to ever go again. I don't think you're missing anything. Malcolm grew up skiing but broke his leg while skiing in high school and has only gone one time since then.

the blogivers said...

Drink coffee! (Since we all know frappuccinos don't count.)

Emily said...

Yup, skiing is a good one. I attempted it once in highschool, while dating a ski instructor (because all the resorts around us like to use highschool boys for ski instructors...?). And at one point, I flipped over and my forehead hit ice and for weeks I had to go to school with very severe scarring on my forehead because all the skin was ripped off. AWESOMENESS. After that, I never went again.

Natasha said...

Oh, I love skiing. I've gone in Canada, the US, and Switzerland. It makes me laugh that you went on a ski trip and never skied!

And yes, it was hard to write a whole post about something I'd never done which is why mine was fairly short.