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Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday musings*

*How have I only used that title twice before now (here and here)? I'm patting myself on the back for that.

- A couple of weeks ago, we passed this billboard while driving one afternoon:

In an effort to pump the twins up for Thanksgiving, I pointed to the turkey and excitedly asked, "Do you know what that is?" Colby paused to think and then exclaimed, "A snail!" Mmm, nothing completes a delicious Thanksgiving brunch quite like a giant snail.

- Am I the only one that thinks there should be episodes of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood geared towards the parents instead of the children? Like maybe an episode about how WE are supposed to keep our cool when our children lose their minds in public (or private, for that matter)? Or maybe one about how WE are supposed to deal with potty training?

(Related side note: I am majorly stressing out about potty training these days. I know we need to do it sooner rather than later but I simply do not want to. It sounds like a lot of work, a lot of messiness, and a lot of frustration for all parties involved, so I'd really prefer to just not do it... ever. Is that so wrong? I'm channeling my anxiety by doing "productive" things like buying the twins underwear and potty books for Christmas.)

- Want to know the only thing that will make your children love you more than taking them out for donuts or kolaches for breakfast? Take them out for both. 

And if you really want to ensure that they won't even bother to eat lunch that day, take them to Target shortly afterwards for a free cookie sample.

- A lesson learned yesterday: sometimes it's better to let your children miss their naps entirely rather than put them down early for a 45-minute snooze session and then jolt them out of a deep slumber to take them to a birthday party. Waking up these sleepy heads...

... resulted in two anti-social and uncooperative party poopers:

After much reassurance from Mommy, Clara eventually warmed up and decided to participate on her own:

Colby played along with Daddy for approximately 3 minutes and then spent the rest of the time pouting, disobeying, or being stuck in time out. At least we have one picture that suggests he wasn't miserable:

- And lastly, if you haven't watched this video yet about how crazy moms get when getting the house ready for company, please go do it now. I can't stop watching it or laughing at it!

"There cannot be any sign of LIVING in this house!"


the blogivers said...

Clara looks so comfy in that napping picture that it's really making ME not want to get out of bed and go on that walk right now...

Brittnie said...

I will leave my kids in diapers forever if you will. :)

Jenni said...

Getting a kid out of diapers is like getting a raise...times two in your case!! Maybe that's some motivation?! Do they sit them on the potty at school?

Nelson Bartley said...

I was horribly lazy and basically waited until they were 100% capable of knowing when to use the potty and how to get out of their clothes and they could communicate that, etc. kids were all three and one -I won't mention names - was almost four. And that one stayed in pull ups at night until 8 or so as they might have been a really heavy sleeper. You know what? They won't go to kindergarten in diapers. Peer pressure helps. Day care/preschool helps. Potty training before they are ready is basically potty training yourself. And yes, it is messy and inconvenient. (That's why I waited until they wanted to learn. No interest in fighting little terrorists.)
Love, your very lazy aunt
(A.ka. The mother of three potty trained adults)

Nelson Bartley said...

O! That video? Kinsey and I watched it three times before we could actually hear what he/she was saying. We were laughing so hard and one of us was screaming "That is so you!!!" so loud, neither one of us could hear it. There might have been tears.

Emily said...

First of all, I had to google kolache. They look delicious and now I want to have one. Secondly, I absolutely LOVE the cleaning video. They is me 110%. THERE MUST BE NO SIGN OF LIVING! It took me a very long time to figure out that it was a man pretending to be a woman; I kept thinking: "wow, this woman has a deep voice." I showed it to Adam and he was like: "Yup. That's you."

Allena said...

I think potty training is stressful when you try it with kids who aren't ready. I know people who tried to force it to happen and then it took months. When they are ready, you'll be able to do it in days without frustration on anyone's part. Who cares if they are 2.5 or 3.5 - wait until everyone is ready!

Kate said...

"When you feel so mad
that you want to roar
take your wine bottle
...and pour some more!"

^^ This is the only lesson from DT that you really need. I don't believe you drink wine, so substitute "bag of Reese's pieces" and the like for "wine bottle."

Natasha said...

I may have threatened to throw everything out once or twice (or seventy times) when getting ready for company. And isn't it true that when you are rushing, more things go wrong. And I LOVE the "middle chair goes in the middle" because yes, there are specific spots for all of our dining rooms chairs. Ha! I also may have spun in circles (due to the stress) once or twice.

Can you tell we just got ready for company yesterday?! :)