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Friday, October 9, 2015

Things and stuff

Alternately titled: One short of "five on Friday"

1. I feel a little lazy for referring to this spaghetti bake recipe as "like spaghetti, only easier!," because let's be honest, spaghetti is not the world's most complicated dish to prepare. But seriously, you don't even have to cook the noodles... why waste your time doing that when you can just let the oven do it? 

Source (my picture would be way less artsy)

Clara liked it so much that she requested seconds. Colby tolerated it enough as a means to an end (grapes), so we'll call it a win.

2. I posted about this on facebook, but failed to mention in my vacation recap that we had a celebrity sighting during our travels! When we landed in Nashville for our layover en route to Charleston, Brian jokingly asked, "Do you think we'll see Rayna James or Luke Wheeler [both characters from "Nashville"] at the airport?" I responded with, "Probably not, considering they're both imaginary."

Fast forward 30 minutes or so and we're waiting at the gate while the people from the arriving flight deplane. All of a sudden, in walks Sam Palladio, aka: Gunnar Scott from the show! He was maybe 3 feet away from us, and we thought briefly about stopping him or taking a picture, but decided to leave him be. If it happens again, though, I'm going to ask him if he can please have a chat with Scarlett (Clare Bowen) about cutting her hair and changing her accent.

3. I came down with a very brief (thankfully) but very intense stomach bug earlier this week, so that was neat. I thought the twins might have brought home the germs from daycare, but considering 3 of my co-workers have had it this week as well, it's really anyone's guess as to where I picked it up. 

All I know is that I was completely useless for approximately 24 hours. I went home early from work and had this text message exchange with Brian:

I'm glad his response to "I might be dead," was "Ok no worries." Ha! But seriously, he was a total champ as always and handled pick-up, dinner, bedtime, and the morning routine + drop-off the next morning. I felt like a totally waste of space but I could not pull myself out of bed. It's safe to say he was just as happy as I was that it was so short-lived!

4. The twins celebrated their half birthday on Monday (2.5-year post to come!). Thanks to our rained out trip, we had time to make them an early birthday cake. I'm sure they were confused as to why we were singing them "happy birthday," but you better believe they didn't complain.

Also, I put this comparison together of .5 years versus 2.5 years. Why do I torture myself like this?!

Happy Friday!


Emily said...

You just blew my mind with the no-boiling spaghetti bake. My mom makes a spaghetti "pie" (more layer than spaghetti bake) but I never attempt it because it requires twice as much work as regular spaghetti since you have to boil THEN cook. This is totally my weekend recipe!!!

the blogivers said...

All I am focused on here is my lack of about-out for playing ambulance for you on Tuesday, for FREE might I add.

Erika said...

Yikes, a stomach bug sounds terrible. I hope you at least got to lose 10 pounds for free!!! Smart kids, too, what with not questioning free cake...

Brittnie said...

So sorry about the sickness!! Hope all is well and you are enjoying the weekend now!!

Natasha said...

I'm so sorry you had the flu but I'm glad to know that Brian appears to be completely unflappable! It's nice to have someone who can just take over when we're down and out.

I am totally trying that spaghetti bake. And because I would just use veggie ground round I don't even have to cook ANYTHING! Yay! Watch, now my kids will hate it. Ha!