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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Something I regret not doing in the last year (Week 16)

Oh, you mean besides picking a different vacation spot last weekend? Hmm, let's see... you may remember my list of non-resolutions that I made back in January (which, PS, how was that 9 months ago already?!). I have done fairly well with most of them, but the one that has been a major flop was my commitment to start lifting weights.

I do make it a priority to exercise every day, but that pretty much only consists of aerobic activities, and thanks to my obsession with pleasing my Fitbit, I only consider a workout to be successful if I get a lot of steps out of it.

In hopes of motivating myself, I looked up some of the benefits of lifting weights and am sharing three of them with you in case it motivates you, too:

1. It helps prevent osteoporosis (weak/brittle bones). Women are especially susceptible to this as we age since our bones are smaller to begin with. When you lift weights, it puts stress on your bones, and in response, the bones adapt and become stronger, too.

2. It lowers your risk of diabetes. I have this strange fear that I'm going to develop adult-onset diabetes because (a) it runs in my family, (b) I have PCOS, and (c) I really like sugar... a lot. Apparently when you lift weights, the increased muscle mass improves your insulin sensitivity, but don't ask me to explain that because in case you've forgotten, my degree was in Spanish.

3. It improves your balance. And how else are you supposed to run away from your screaming children and join the circus if you can't appropriately walk on a tight rope?!

Any others you want to add? Also, I feel like this might have been the most boring post I've ever written, so please forgive me for that.


the blogivers said...

So strange - I couldn't fall back to sleep this morning after Wade's alarm went off at 5am, and at one point I was actually laying there thinking about I never do any kind of strength training but need to... sounds like your post is a sign that I need to just do it!

Emily said...

Ugh, I hate weights. Hate hate hate hate weights. I've tried to a weight lifting regime twice in my life and both times it's lasted like a month and died. I give up. I consider lifting Aaron to be my weight training.

Ashley Mione said...

I used to be an all cardio girl but since starting 21 Day Fix, I LOVE weights now!

Mindy Rives said...

Crossfit! :)

Brittnie said...

I don't know how to use any weights at the gym and am too embarrassed to ask so I hardly lift either!

Natasha said...

Every time I read about how strength training helps prevent osteoporosis I join a gym. Then I never go to the gym. Then I quit the gym. And it's a vicious cycle. Maybe lifting our kids counts as weight training?!?!?