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Monday, October 19, 2015

Pumpkin patching

The weather was perfect on Saturday and not unlike every other American family with small children, we decided to take advantage by visiting one of the local pumpkin patches. I'm going to go ahead and be honest and confess that my primary purpose in going was to get a cute picture of the twins with some pumpkins. I'm also going to go ahead and be honest and confess that when that did not happen, I flipped my lid. Thankfully, (a) I have a patient husband and (b) caramel popcorn covers a multitude of sins, so we all ended up enjoying ourselves despite my failed-pumpkin-picture-attempt rage.

There were activities (most notably bean bag tossing, duck racing, and face painting)...

there was caramel popcorn consumption (Clara ate approximately 90% of this giant bag, for the record)...

there was lots and lots of sass from this one (and her mama)...

there was plenty of exploring (and very minimal sitting still) for this little fella...

there were matching outfits (complete with fashionable Fall boots) for Clara and cousin, Avery...

as I mentioned, there were many, many unsuccessful attempts at a picture of the twins...

Top left is my favorite: was Clara channeling her inner rodent?

And last, but certainly not least, there were 3 pictures that reminded this perfectionist Mama that the most important thing is that these little munchkins had a good time...

Happy Fall, Y'all!


  1. Glad we were able to replace one F word with another while we were there, ha!

  2. It is so frustrating when you just want one good picture and the toddlers will have none of it! Sorry that didn't play out, although I do think some of those are pretty cute! And like you said, in the end all that matters is that they had a good time. Love Avery and Clara's matching boots/dress!

  3. So cute!! Millie was also not super enthusiastic about taking amazing pictures at the pumpkin patch on Saturday..but at least she had fun!! And Clara's enthusiasm for popcorn really warms my heart!!

  4. This is particularly funny since we just scored an awesome family photo this weekend. The problem is that these photos never come at an opportune time - like when the outfits match and the background is ideal. To families who get the perfect family photo... I hate you all.

  5. What a fun time! My favorite is the collage of Clara sass. :)

  6. I totally get the "why can't a perfect (okay, halfway decent) picture happen at least once?" rage. In fact, this post clearly brought to mind my own failed pumpkin picture induced rage of almost two years ago. Sadly, we are now at the stage where Sam intentionally ruins pictures. Argh.