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Monday, October 5, 2015

One rainy day in Charleston

It almost pains me to go back and read my post from last Wednesday. Our original plan was to spend Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon in Charleston. Our original plan also included temperatures in the 70s, sunshine, and almost zero chance of rain.

An insensitive, destructive jerk named Joaquin came along, however, and thwarted those plans. Torrential downpours and historic flooding were not exactly part of the itinerary I painstakingly organized for our getaway.

Nonetheless, we set out on Thursday and hoped for the best. (Note to last week's self: next time, don't be so optimistic and go ahead and pack a rain jacket and rain boots.) It was raining when we landed that afternoon and continued to rain as we trekked to/from dinner. When we got back to our apartment (AirBNB for the win!), we were soaked. Nonetheless, we hoped that a new day would bring less rain and a fresh perspective, so we settled in, reorganized the itinerary to account for rain, and hit the hay.

Taking off for our flight on Thursday- Brian hearts taking selfies with me

Trail Mix: Hers & His edition (A big shout-out to my pal, Heather, for hooking me up with this amazing candy corn mix! It did not disappoint!)

Friday was gray and gloomy, drizzling on and off throughout the day. In anticipation of flooding and hurricane weather (Charleston sits right on the water), a lot of the local attractions were closed (the city market, the aquarium, Fort Sumter, etc.), but we were perfectly happy to walk around and see the sights. We also enjoyed a few tasty meals, did some shopping, and were even able to take a carriage ride around the city. 

A morning view of the front of the mansion where our apartment was- our room was in the bottom left corner

Cute stairway/porch we came across on the way to breakfast

Brian's french toast (that looks more like a hunk of beef) from Toast

I don't feel bad re-posting this Instagram pic I took since it was one of the few meal outings we were able to have!

One of the 500 churches in town

Rainy and awkward selfie at the waterfront

Another couple asked us to take their pic so we got them to do the same

Rainbow Row!

Surprise: another selfie!

Two cute houses- this set-up would be perfect for mine and Allison's future plans to live nextdoor to each other

Our carriage ride "driver," Dakota

Hey, look, another church!

One of the more colorful mansions we saw on our tour

The Calhoun Mansion where a scene from "The Notebook" was filmed; we had planned to go tour it on Saturday but no such luck

I loved these cute window planters!

Brian, me (apparently sporting an 80s slouched shoulder), and Dakota after the tour

After the carriage ride, Brian convinced me to buy rain boots and even though I only got a half day of use out of them, I'd say it was a wise purchase!

We had a tasty lunch at Eli's Table, where we had the Fried Green Tomato Napoleon as an appetizer, which was basically fried green tomatoes covered in a pimento cheese spread. Since I never got the chance to have a legit pimento cheese sandwich as I had hoped, this was as close as I got and was delicious... and I don't even like tomatoes!

Philadelphia Alley, which was apparently a very popular spot for dueling back in the day

Brian was expressing excitement over the history of the alley, whereas I was expressing excitement over the cobblestone :)

And then came the heavy rain, which pretty much didn't stop until, well, ever.

Rainy view near the market

We enjoyed a light dinner at Virginia's on King and headed back to the apartment to retire for the evening.

One of the same churches pictured above lit up at night

It poured all night on Friday, and on Saturday morning, it didn't let up. We tuned in to the news to hear reports of major flooding, access to downtown (where we were staying) being shut off, and a whole host of closures throughout the city. We decided to head to breakfast at a cafe nearby, and were disappointed when we got there to learn that the kitchen staff had left due to the weather.

We came back to the apartment, where I ate my bagel in bed and cried. I had just had such high hopes for our weekend and had put so much time and effort into planning the perfect trip, and it just seemed like we couldn't catch a break.

Upon seeing this lovely forecast...
... and hearing about how difficult it was (and would continue to be) for people to get in and out of downtown, we decided to go ahead and book a flight out for that afternoon instead. And knowing that transportation options would be limited, we figured it was better to get a ride to the airport sooner rather than later.

So after paying 3 times the normal fare to an Uber driver, we arrived at the Charleston airport at 11:30 am and spent the next 5 hours there waiting for our flight. Thank you, baby Jesus, for free WiFi and seats with electrical outlets (especially in an otherwise dumpy and under-construction airport).

We made it back to our house around 10:30 on Saturday evening, and even though we were tired and disappointed about the way our trip had turned out, we were thankful to sleep in our own beds and wake up to our nutty little toddlers the next morning. And speaking of those toddlers, we can't thank Mimi and Granddaddy (and Aunt Shannon, too!) enough for taking such good care of them (and the house and dogs!) while we were gone! Clearly they didn't have any fun at all while we were away...

Please note Brian's old Mickey Mouse gloves that Colby apparently insisted on wearing to bed :)

Charleston, don't you worry, we'll be back one day... and that day will not be during hurricane season.


the blogivers said...

Womp, womp :( it should really not ever be allowed for vacations to end up this way! Sorry it was such a bust, but hoping y'all can figure out something little to do soon to sort of make up for it!

Brittany said...

I hate that your trip ended this way!! I'm glad you were at least able to squeeze in a little bit of fun and good food.

Erika said...

Ugh, this makes me SO sad!!! I kept thinking of you last week as I saw all the miserable reports out of SC...I'm so sorry!! I'm glad you at least got to have a few yummy meals, although Brian's french toast looks SUPER non-french toasty. I hope you get awesome weather in TX this week as a peace offering from Mother Nature!

Brittnie said...

You got some great pics despite the crappy weather. Again, so sorry it ended up being a bust. Looks like a cool city so you must plan to go back!!

Natasha said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. This is so disappointing. At least you had one good day and were able to make it home!??! I don't know what the bright side is to all this. Blah.

Amanda said...

So sorry Joaquin and that other random rain storm put such a damper on your weekend getaway! I thought about you over the weekend after hearing all of the reports of flooding in Charleston -- I'm glad you guys made it back home safely!! (Also, sorry I'm usually a silent blog follower...just glad to know you guys are okay!) And, hey, if anything, at least you walked away from the weekend with some pretty pictures, a few yummy meals and some cute new rain boots!

Emily said...

Gah, I'm so sad that your getaway wasn't what you planned. But THAT apartment AirBNB! Beautiful! I am already fantasizing about lounging around reading a book while it pours outside.