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Monday, October 26, 2015

Five on Monday (the "spooky" edition)

The twins have deemed all things related to Halloween as "spooky" (thanks to this amazing video), so I figured I'd keep with that theme for today's list of 5:

1. Pumpkin foods

Last week, we made this Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili (a Fall favorite at our house), and to continue the trend, we also made Pumpkin Spice Pancakes on Saturday morning..

(complete with spooky cookie cutter shapes, because we are really trying hard to win Parents of the Year)

... and we baked Pumpkin and Spinach Macaroni and Cheese to eat for dinner this week!
(fingers crossed that Colby doesn't notice the spinach)

2. Scary movie night

Brian and I watched "The Others" on Netflix this weekend (without the children, because of above-mentioned efforts to win that POTY award). I give it two thumbs up because (a) there was an unexpected twist at the end, and (b) I was scared to go upstairs alone after it was over, which is obviously the mark of a good scary movie.

3. Pumpkin painting

The twins decorated pumpkins for their pumpkin patch at daycare, and thanks to the lovely downpour of rain this weekend, we very bravely allowed them to do so indoors:

4. Festive attire

Clara's cute ensemble from her Auntie Shannon (complete with TWO hair clips, because everyone knows just one won't do)

Mommy likes to be festive, too (especially under her rain boots)

I have been waiting all year for her to wear this cute smocked hand-me-down Halloween dress and it makes me sad that she probably won't get to wear it more than once... but good thing she rocked it when she did!

Meanwhile, Batman has taken over our house. And because he wore this mask at the same time as this shirt, he now refers to this [generic striped shirt] as his "Batman shirt"- ha!

5. Relatedly, Halloween COSTUMES!

There were two events scheduled yesterday to which the twins were going to get to wear their costumes, but one turned out to be a flop and one got rained out, so Superman and Supergirl just chilled on the couch instead.


  1. All I have to say is... spooky, spooky, very spooky...

  2. "Spooky spooky!" Ha! You ever notice how people either don't decorate for Halloween OR their lawn is an elaborate cemetery (at least up where I live)? Every time we pass the cemetery lawns, Aaron announces: "Halloween! Scarrrrry! I no like skulls!" (Whether or not there is a skull, he has 100% associated skulls with halloween.) Trick-o-treating may be interesting this year...

  3. Love those costumes!! And the "batman" polo shirt, ha!! That pumpkin mac+cheese looks great; let me know how yall like it!!

  4. Love all the festive food and activities! Bummer about all the rain though!! I was really looking forward to the town center event last night! Might try those pancakes this weekend!

  5. Such a festive post! Loving all of the cute fall outfits! Also, how did the dinner turn out?

  6. Add me to the list of people wanting to know how the dinner turned out! (Although maybe you've already given a report and I'll read it eventually.)

    And I honestly think our kids would like painting pumpkins rather than carving them. After all, sharp knives, hard pumpkins, and anyone under the age of 13 doesn't really go together so pumpkin carving isn't all that fun for them. I'll have to try and remember this for next year.

    And it makes me sad that some of the clothes I look forward to Rachel wearing, she usually only gets to wear a couple of times. Sadness. #firstworldproblem