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Friday, October 16, 2015


As I mentioned in their 2.5-year update, Colby in particular is talking up a storm these days. And it is safe to say that there is nothing more amusing than hearing the inner workings of a toddler's head verbalized, so I'm here to share some of that entertainment with all of you. Behold, some of Colby's latest and greatest quotes:

When we were eating breakfast recently, Colby was naming off what color each person's shirt was. Brian was actually not wearing a shirt, so when I said, "Colby, what color is Daddy's shirt?" He paused, thought about it, and excitedly said, "White!" (In Brian's defense, we didn't spend much time in the sun this summer.)

On a walk the other day, a leaf was falling off a tree nearby. I said, "Look, you know it's getting close to Fall because the leaves are falling off the tree!" Colby responded with, "Leaf fall off the tree? You gonna fix it?"

On more than one occasion lately, he has yelled, "Gig 'em, Texans!" And Brian beams with pride every time.

The day before a play date, I asked, "Are you excited to play with Mateo tomorrow?" He frustratedly responded with, "I don't want a potato! I want ice cream!"

Similarly, I asked him, "Do you want to see Greyson at church?," and he matter-of-factly responded by saying, "No. I want to see Batman."

On the way to school last week, he was singing "Happy birthday," as he often does, and after going through various family members and inanimate objects, he enthusiastically sang, "Happy birthday to HULK SMASH!" Such. a. boy.

He calls popsicles "pee-pops" and still often refers to the mail as "me-mail."

Brian was singing the theme to "Ghostbusters," and after he said, "Who you gonna call?," Colby said, "Umm... tractors." Yes, tractors, they'll definitely take care of those ghosts.

Brian was across the house the other day while the twins were eating dinner and to get his attention, I yelled, "Brian!" Colby said, "Don't say that, Mommy. That's Daddy." Noted.

Colby Wayne, we love you so!


Emily said...

Oh how I love these. And seeing Batman at church is my favorite. I need to write down more of what Aaron says. My brain barely remembers to tell Adam when he gets home.

the blogivers said...

His interest in singing HBD to different people/things makes me feel like I'm reading an update of the past from Davis! Funny little fella.

Erika said...

Ahhhahahaa these are so hilarious!!! Maybe Millie growing older isn't the worst thing ever if I have this to look forward to! Anyway, I'll let you get back to fixing all of those falling leaves in your neighborhood. That's probably keeping you pretty busy!

Brittnie said...

Love all of these!! Cute kid!!

Beth said...

What a cutie! I'm glad you're writing these down in one place to remember 😊

Brittany said...

Loved reading about cutie Colby! I just love this age so much!

Natasha said...

We've got a bunch of fallen leaves for you to fix here when you're done in your neighbourhood!

And when I was pregnant (and extremely sick) with Rachel, I called for Dave so often that Sam (at 18 months) eventually just started calling him "Dave" instead of "Daddy."

Now I'm off to check if we got any me-mail today.