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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Clara's bedtime hoarding

I have often said that one of my favorite things about toddlers is how they hoard things. It amuses me greatly that they insist on collecting random, inanimate objects and then taking them everywhere they go. Colby and Clara both have this tendency, but I would venture to say that Clara gets more emotionally attached to certain items than Colby does.

Nowhere is this habit more evident than at bedtime, when whatever object or set of objects she has grown attached to that day MUST join Clara in her crib, lest we risk having the neighbors call CPS due to the volume of her protests. Allow me to share with you some of the items Clara has successfully convinced us to let her take with her to bed:

- soccer ball (slightly smaller than regulation size, but still too large to be a rational choice)

- plastic spoon she used to eat gelato earlier in the evening

- unopened bottle of bubble bath

- wet bath towel

- more bows and rubberbands than I can count, sometimes in her hair and sometimes not

- miniature troll doll from my childhood collection (no more than an inch long, which made finding it when she lost it a real treat)

- issue of the WildLife magazine that we get for being members of the Houston Zoo (this might be my favorite one)

- LED bracelet I got at the Taylor Swift concert

- her Magnadoodle (not to color on, mind you, but simply to hold)

- pair of Mickey Mouse gloves Brian had as a child (Colby started this trend but she has since confiscated them)

Last night I asked Brian to take a picture of her sleeping to see if we could capture any of the hoarding in action, and while you can only barely see one of the above-mentioned gloves (red object to the left), I think the picture is still pretty indicative of her unusual sleeping habitat:

Also, please note one of her decapitated "fwenz" in the bottom right... still a favorite companion!


the blogivers said...

Sweet little baby hoarder! Do you think she would take Petey in there if given the choice?

Brittnie said...

So awesome!! Camille is slowly but surely following in her footsteps!! We are now up to 5-6 animals as well as two blankets that must be in bed every. single. night. :)

Allena said...

That's how our daughter's crib looks. 47 stuffed animals, books, whatever crap she is in love with at that moment. Maybe it's a girl thing?

Erika said...

Oh gosh, that is too funny!! But I can't judge...I definitely can't sleep without cuddling my Magnadoodle, so I get it.

Emily said...

This is incredible. I thought Aaron had hoarding instincts but he is nowhere near close to this level. I am mostly amazed by the diversity of objects. My favorite is the unopened bubble bath. I would highly object to the wet towel because I have this THING about moist/bacteria/mold growth, but clearly you are more relaxed than me when it comes to that subject. This is something you reminisce about every single Christmas when she's in her 20s and bringing home boyfriends. :)

Brittany said...

Hahaha! I love toddler hoarding too! She has quite the variety, but my favorite is the random plastic spoon. :) When we told Reid we were moving, the first thing he said (with a very concerned look on his face) was, "Are we going to take our spoons to the new house?" So random!

kayla Agan said...

This is SO Nora! I think there are 25 toys in her bed tonight, and always her "cold ice" aka ice pack, 3 pacis, 2 blankies and a water cup at the top left of her crib precisely places by her each night. Ha!

Natasha said...

This is HILARIOUS!!! However the wet towel is just gross (ewww) and I'd be freaking out that the bottle of bubble bath would open up. Rachel wants to take random things to bed too but we often don't let her.