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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

2.5 years

We took the twins to the pediatrician for their well visit on Friday, and I use the term "well" pretty loosely considering they each left with at least one prescription to their names. Colby has a sinus infection and alarmingly swollen tonsils, but hey, his ears were 100% clear thanks to those tubes! #silverlining Clara's ears, however, were not looking so clear, which earned her 10 days of "the pink stuff" along with Colby. 

They also got their flu shots, during which they hardly even flinched. Meanwhile, they both completely lost it when the nurse had the audacity to weigh them and measure their height. The horrors. They settled down quickly but I didn't stop sweating for at least half an hour after that ordeal.

Clara being ladylike while waiting for the doctor

Colby taking a snack break from doing some accounting on his abacus

I've included their stats below, but developmentally, they're up to pretty much the same things these days as any other 2.5-year-olds. They're moving and talking pretty much constantly, which has proven both entertaining and exhausting. Since getting his ear tubes, Colby's language has really taken off, so he is currently the easier to understand of the two, but there is no shortage of chattering coming from either one of them.

I am relieved to report that the tantrums have lessened, both in frequency and severity. Don't get me wrong- there is still plenty of whining and a lot of irrational overreacting going on- but it's easier to reason with them than it used to be. 

They are both currently really into singing, watching their favorite shows, playing outside with their bikes and cozy coupes, running around the house and screaming like wild banshees, begging for "treats," stickers, harassing the dogs, and hanging out with Mommy and Daddy.

Colby Wayne
Nicknames: Buddy Guy Man or some variation thereof, "Bubby" (per Clara)
Weight: 28.1 pounds (30th percentile)
Height: 35 inches (28th percentile)

Words to describe him: determined, observant, busy, assertive, adventurous, clever, thoughtful

Current favorites: singing loudly ("Happy Birthday," "Old MacDonald," "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," and "Let it Go" are his favorites), Star Wars, Aggie football, cars/trucks/tractors/emergency vehicles, super heroes (very into Avengers right now), airplanes, dinosaurs, naming colors, blocks, robots, Daddy... so basically he's a boy

Clara Lane
Nicknames: Littlest (and she calls herself "Bara")
Weight: 28.1 pounds (44th percentile)
Height: 34.5 inches (26th percentile)

Words to describe her: tender-hearted, compassionate, eager, busy, loyal, helpful, particular

Current favorites: bows/accessories of any kind, babies, stickers, hoarding items in her crib (separate post to come on this), her fwenz (WubbaNubs without the pacifiers), doing things herself, helping clean up, swinging, cousin Avery ("Avey"), especially when combined with aunt Peekie ("Petey"), and last but certainly not least in her book, Mommy

Happy (belated) half birthday, my sweet little ones... we love you so very much!


the blogivers said...

What an honor to be included on Clara's list of favorites! I'm going to start sneaking treats to Colby to see if I can make it on his list by the age 3 update...

Karissa Sonntag said...

My 6 month old is officially exactly 8 pounds lighter than your 2.5 year olds.

Emily said...

I'm really jealous that your tantrums have lessened because I feel like Aaron's are picking up. Grr.

Also, this is related to all little toddler boys that I've been trying to figure out... how does Colby know about the avengers? Does he watch the movies? Are there avenger books? Aaron is aware of super heroes but we don't have anything in our life that brings them up on a recurrent basis so he's not that interested in them.

Erika said...

Ahhhh so cute!!! Love this update...and how it looks like Millie will be outweighing them both soon. ;)

Brittany said...

Such adorable 2.5 year olds!

Brittnie said...

They are so super cute!! Glad to hear that the tantrums have lessened. . . Camille's are taking off to new heights (which I know is age appropriate for her) and I am just so, so, so tired! Ha!

Natasha said...

Awww... I love reading about the cuties! It's neat to hear how similar, and how different, they are. (I know this is not the world's most insightful comment but I'm tired. Ha.)

Natasha said...

Also, at age four, we're STILL dealing with whining and I want to rip my head off every single time it happens. Argh.