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Monday, September 28, 2015


As you might have learned from Allison, we played hooky* from our respective parenting/working duties last Thursday and spent the day shopping at the outlet mall. We quite literally shopped until we dropped, breaking only for a really glamorous 10-minute lunch in the food court: kids' meals from Burger King. 

See? Totally fancy. Also, pickles = ew.

*Don't worry, I took an approved vacation day. If you thought I was bold enough to straight up skip out on work and bold enough to then admit it on the internet, then you do not know me at all :)

The only other photographical evidence I have of our excursion is this picture of Clara modeling the suede fringe boots I bought for her... whilst sporting her new Halloween jammies, of course:

I also took some time that morning to listen attentively to the Pope's speech on TV decorate the house for Fall, so pretty much it was the greatest day ever (minus the BK kid's meal, if we're being honest).

Any guesses as to how many of these cute little woodland creatures will be maimed by toddlers before the season's end?

After a grueling 4 hours back at work on Friday, it was time for the weekend to begin! It was another whirlwind weekend of family togetherness, full of playing, eating, football-watching, and hanging out with the cousins. Those little nuts wear me out, but I'd be lying if I said I wanted it any other way.

I tried to force an early morning photo shoot before daycare on Friday, and that went about as well as you might have guessed. I do appreciate that this one showcases Colby's hoarding tendencies. These 3 emergency vehicles + his Star Wars book = a winning (and popular) combo for him

I also got some rare playtime alone with him on Friday evening while Clara bonded with Daddy. He is so talkative these days and it was entertaining to have him narrate the happenings of the Little People farm to me.

On Saturday morning, we headed out to the soccer fields to watch cousin, Davis, play in his first game! I use the term "watch" very loosely, because with 3 toddlers in tow, there were ample distractions.

Colby practicing for when it's his turn to take the fields

And Clara taking a break from socializing with Avery to do the same

Veteran moms: shoot me straight... how long can I count on them liking each other this much?

After watching the Aggies (barely) pull off a win on Saturday evening and 3 hours at church on Sunday morning, we were all thankful for a restful nap time on Sunday afternoon. Once the twins woke up, we headed over to my grandparents' assisted living home nearby for a visit. Pretty sure the facility had never experienced that much noise and activity, but hey, at least the visitors were cute?

And to close, allow me to share the pose Clara struck when my grandmother pulled out the camera and we all told her to say, "cheese!"

Please join me in praying she finds a new signature pose prior to becoming a teenager!


the blogivers said...

I'm glad you didn't rat us out for all the eating we also did (other than BK kids' meals)!

Erika said...

Bahahaha- Clara's pose!! Amazing!! She is all set to excel in college. ;) Love the girls in their Aggie dresses at the soccer game, too. BUT because I can't just leave a 100% positive comment...I must say, that BK kids meal lunch is depressing to look at. Yuck!

Emily said...

Gah, I about died at the last picture of Clara. All I can think is: "Girls gone wild?" (I hope that show/DVD collection has died since my college days). But hey, at least she's wearing cute underpants!

Natasha said...

Rachel often decides to walk down the aisle at church, after children's time, with her dress pulled up to her neck. It's a little more embarrassing as she is FOUR already. Gah.

Also, Sam and Rachel still love and adore each other so I can tell you that sibling love will likely last at least another two to four years. And I'm praying that Sam and Rachel's sibling love continues for a good long time yet!

Brittnie said...

SO fun you took a day off work to hang out and shop!! My friend Lauren told me she saw you guys!

Also, I watched every speech the Pope made while on our soil, so basically you are a slacker. :) Jk. We both know this is not true.

Heather said...

Haha! Your kiddos are so darling. Maybe she took the phrase "play dress-up" too literally? The things toddlers can get away with...

{Found your blog via Erika's}

Brittany said...

I love the Owl-o-ween jammies and I'm very impressed with Colby's soccer moves! Not that I know much about it, but his soccer future looks very promising to me!