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Friday, September 4, 2015

Something unusual (Week 11)

This week's challenge was a tough one for me, both because I've had a very "full" week, and because the topic was so broad: write about something unusual. But after racking my brain, I came up with something that legitimately qualifies- unusual e-mails I've recently received.

I've mentioned before (here, here, and here) that I've had issues in the past with mistaken e-mail identity. Apparently my name is fairly common and as such, variations of my (very basic) e-mail address are pretty common as well. As a result, I end up on the receiving end of a lot of information that isn't meant for me, ranging from inadvertent subscriptions (magazines, store coupons, etc.) to specific conversations initiated by strangers that clearly think I'm someone else.

If it's a subscription, I typically just unsubscribe and let that be that. But when the e-mails are from actual people, I feel compelled to respond to let them know they have the wrong Amanda, because I'm awkward and confrontational honest and helpful like that.

Exhibit A:

If getting called to the office is bad, then getting an e-mail from the Principal is probably not ideal either, right? In this case, there was nothing to worry about because I am not, in fact, the parent of a 3rd grader, and most definitely not one living in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. 

I e-mailed Trish (clearly we're on a nickname basis) back to let her know that she had the wrong parent and that I had been unsuccessful in my attempts to unsubscribe. She assured me that she'd work with her IT department to fix it, but earlier this week, I received an e-mail from the Advanced Learning Program Facilitator at the same school letting me know that I could expect score results via snail mail within the week. 

As excited as I was that my imaginary 3rd grade child that's living up north had participated in advanced studies testing, I also responded to her (copying Trish, of course) to let her know I was the wrong person. As you might have guessed, Trish apologized and said she is continuing to work with her IT department on the issue.

And speaking of overachieving older children that I don't have, allow me to share a similar e-mail I received earlier this year...

Exhibit B:

As luck would have it, apparently I also have a daughter that's a Girl Scout in Nebraska. I've always said I wanted to live somewhere with colder weather, so apparently here's my chance to do so vicariously. 

I do not mean to poke fun at the Girl Scouts at all, but how could I not laugh at an e-mail that referenced a "Cookie Command Center"? I also responded to this one and told them about the mistake, but I was highly tempted to log in and maybe score a discount on some Tagalongs before doing so.

And while this one is not a case of mistaken identity, it's also an e-mail and also unusual, so I'm lumping it in...

Exhibit C:

LinkedIn periodically sends excessive amounts of junk mail e-mails suggesting jobs I might be interested in. I'm legitimately happy in my current job, so I normally trash them, but this one caught my eye:

Oh wow, me, a restaurant manager of Dave & Buster's? I'm flattered. I can totally see how my 9 years of working in various Human Resources jobs for corporate America would make me the ideal candidate for a job like this! But seriously... do you think this means I would be allowed to play unlimited rounds of shuffleboard without having to buy tickets? Because if so, I'm totally in.

And with that, my friends, I conclude my sharing of something(s) unusual that I've recently encountered. Anyone else get strange e-mails like these?


the blogivers said...

I didn't realize you were still getting random emails like that all the time, because I've started getting an abundance of them in the last year or so! Occasionally I will respond but that never seems to get me anywhere so now they all just get marked as Spam... not nearly as exciting or "unusual!"

Emily said...

This is fantastic. And truly unusual! I am particularly amused by the Cookie Command Center. I refuse to put "." in my email address which is why I am still using my maiden name because all the variations on my married name are used up.

Brittany said...

Definitely unusual!! While Amanda is common, I have never thought of Joiner as common! You're the only one I know!

toocoolforschool said...

Too funny! I have never received any mistaken identity emails like the ones you listed here!! And you should totally get that discount on the Tagalongs. :)

Allena said...

Given my first name is Allena, I have never had a mistaken identify email. I don't know a single person with my same first name - I knew a girl in college who had it as her middle name but she pronounced it differently than I do.

Natasha said...

I remember you blogging about this before but it is truly something unusual. You are awesome trying to make sure these e-mails get to the right person. I would probably just delete them.

Okay, actually, no I probably wouldn't since the 1-800 number at my new job is one digit off from the Good Life Fitness Club financial department 1-800 number and when people leave me messages I do call them back to give out the right number.