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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day 2015

Activities that occurred in extra high volume during the long Labor Day weekend:

Family togetherness
My parents came to visit and so we spent the majority of our waking ours with them and the Olivers (6 adults and 4 children in total). In between meals and naps, we hung around at our house, did some shopping (sans-children), and even squeezed in a trip to the zoo!

Can you tell Clara likes having the extra hands around to hold? And relatedly, why does she insist on me carrying her but will willingly walk and hold their hands?!

My dad fell asleep in the play room while the twins were playing and ended up with an unexpected napping companion.

Notice all of the toys on the kitchen table? Clara kindly brought those to Franny - one by one - as she ate her breakfast.

Avery + Clara at the zoo

Watching Aggie football
I guess you could say this occurred in extra high volume considering it was the first game of the season and we hadn't done it in several months? I use the term "watch" very loosely for some of us, however, considering the kids went to bed an hour into the game and Allison and I didn't exactly stay glued to the screen. BUT we were all wearing maroon, so surely we get credit for that.

Clara heard girls dress up for game day now, so she's trying to keep up...

See? Totally focused on the game.
I'm ashamed to admit how desperate I am to impress my Fitbit (as if it is an actual being that has the ability to be impressed). But seriously, I got 17K+ steps on Saturday and 15K+ steps on Sunday and I have to believe that my Fitbit was crying tears of pride and joy... or maybe that was my sweat. And on that note:

I hate to be a negative Nelly, but this weekend was the most disgusting weather that I remember experiencing in quite some time. Really hot, really humid, really unpleasant. Consider this as proof: I thought about taking the kids to our neighborhood pool yesterday since it was the last day that it was open, but it was TOO HOT TO GO SWIMMING.

Cruising along on a walk with me and my mom in the 100% humidity

If you take the first one into account, then you should know that this is a given. This was all fine and good except (a) it kept me miserably and uncomfortably full, and (b) dealing with two 2.5-year-olds in restaurant settings almost made me lose my will to live. 

Colby's pouting skills are second to none, especially when his seat is facing the kitchen and he can't understand why every dish being brought out can't be HIS quesadilla. Unfortunately he spent much of the weekend with this look on his face, which is why you'll notice Clara appearing in more of the pics :o/

We decided to take a break from eating out and chefs Brian and Wade prepared dinner at home on Sunday night. If only I had taken video footage of the 4 little ones running amuck in the house... your ears can thank me for forgetting ;)

After all of that fun, we were thankful to have yesterday to rest and recover. I hesitate to even share the following pictures, for fear of making all of you jealous about how exciting our Labor Day was, but I'm going to anyway.

Looks like a Christmas card 2015 contender to me! What do you think??


the blogivers said...

Ha, the comment about girls dressing up for game days and Clara needing to keep up made me laugh! Everything else was old news to me though since I was there... sorry.

Erika said...

As long as your dressed in team colors, it totally counts as watching the game. That's how I roll, anyway. And I am impressed enough with your step counts to make up for your Fitbit's lack of enthusiasm!!

Brittnie said...

Clara looks SO grown up in some of these pics. . . esp the one of her and Avery at the zoo! Glad it was a fun weekend (minus the heat and little boy tantrums!).

Brittany said...

Love the girls' zoo outfits! Also, I completely agree about this weekend's weather. SO disgusting!

Emily said...

Ugh, I feel ya on the disgusting weather. We were at the lake this weekend and the lake house has NO AIR CONDITIONING. I get that our temps this far north are probably sufficiently below yours, but any dwelling without air conditioning is worthy of being destroyed.

Natasha said...

I'm looking forward to this 7-day step count being over so you aren't so disgustingly ahead of me on FitBit! I hardly moved last Saturday and it shows. But seriously, way to go!

And Clara's earrings for the Aggie game are on point. Love them!