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Monday, September 21, 2015

Five on Monday (Toddler Mom Edition)

Let's start this week off right with a random list of 5 things, shall we?

1. Archer Farms Candy Corn Trail Mix

My SIL's friend posted a picture of this magical creation from Target on Saturday and I have been drooling over  thinking about it ever since. Much to my dismay, I visited my local Target yesterday and was unable to find any. So if you live in the Houston area and come across any, please buy me some and I'll pay you back, k?

No need for them to list the ingredients, really. They should just write, "Trust me, it's awesome."

And speaking of Target, check out this adorable dress I found for Clara this weekend. Once again, there's no shame in my owl game, and once again, I find myself wishing they made some of her items of clothing in adult sizes. They actually didn't have the dress in her size in our Target (that's strike two, if you're paying attention), so I ordered it online and somehow was able to swing free shipping? I think it was a mistake but I'm not going to complain.

3. "Boo!" Book

I'm a sucker for all things holiday-oriented, and that includes reading material for the twinks. Their Mimi gifted this book to them this past weekend and it's already a favorite for all 4 of us!

Spoiler alert: it's not actually that spooky, so don't worry. 

I read on facebook recently that this new playground was opening up near our house, so we decided to go check it out yesterday afternoon. We were the only ones there most of the time and the twins loved it! However, here in the Houston area it's still 800 degrees outside, so we didn't last long before bribing them to go home with promises of eating fruit pouches and watching "Frozen." Oh, the irony.

Ah, the refreshing signs of Fall at the park...

5. Vomit

Save the best for last, right? You're welcome for the fact that I didn't include a picture with this one. We woke up Saturday morning to find that one of the dogs had thrown up in the playroom. Little did we know that it would be the first of 4 barf clean-ups that day, because poor Clara caught some type of bug and tossed her cookies (strawberries, milk, and pirate's booty, actually) on 3 separate occasions- twice in the car (always a fun treat), and once all over me (also always a fun treat).

Thankfully she was back to normal yesterday... "normal" being a relative term:
Yep, looks about right.


the blogivers said...

I had to stop reading after you posted a picture of the Boo! book because it looked too spooky.

Brittnie said...

Sorry about the vomit . . . why does it always happen in the car OR all over mommy??? Please explain.

Where is that park?? Looks fun and I might take Camille this week to check it out!

Nelson Bartley said...

In the car? So now you have to sell it, right? Glad everyone feels better...Clara and Avery really like to share. Germs and all.

Erika said...

Wow, I think you've located the only snack mix on earth that doesn't look remotely appealing to me!! Candy corn grosses me out, and anything it touches is contaminated, so...I hope everyone I know puts this stuff out everywhere so that I will become skinny. :) That owl dress would be so much cuter if it were manatees. OH THE PLIGHT OF LOVING AN UNCONVENTIONAL ANIMAL. (haha upon rereading my comment, it seems like I basically found all the things I didn't like and pointed them out. Except the vomit. I also don't like that, so there.)

Brittany said...

1. YUM!
2 & 3. CUTE!
4. FUN!
5. Boo :( Glad she is feeling better. Love her shoes. :)

Natasha said...

That park looks fun, once again I am mourning the loss of Target in Canada because that dress is sooooo cute, and I'm sorry about the (thankfully short-lived but no less awful) sickness.