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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

DIY iPad Holder (Guest post by Brian)

A couple of weeks ago someone asked about our DIY iPad holder for the car, and Amanda, being the good blog hostess she is, made note of it and told me my next guest blog entry had been determined. So here we are! 

First, a little bit of background. Growing up, I was frequently "encouraged" to help my dad with projects around the house. I would say about 50% of the time I was happy to help out and 50% of the time I wished I could have been doing something else. Now I am 100% thankful that I was his helper/shadow. Some of his handiness skills definitely rubbed off on me and I can put it into practice now. 

Second, before I made this, I looked around the web for ideas but wasn't interested in purchasing what was needed or thought they weren't practical enough for me. Either they required me to leave the house and spend money or they would have blocked too much of our access to the backseat.

With that knowledge, the goals were:
1. We wanted the kids to be able to see the iPad equally.
2. We didn't want to hold it the whole time.
3. It couldn't fall over any time we hit the brakes/accelerated.

The first iteration was simply a rubber band wrapped around the magnetic iPad cover and under the console lid. This was kind of ok, but it didn't address problem 3 because it fell over frequently to the frustration of Amanda.

With that knowledge, I knew it needed support on the bottom to keep from flipping backwards and pressure on the sides to keep it from falling forward.

I can't explain how the idea came to me, but I figured if I could find a box that fit in between the seats snugly, it might work. Thanks, baby wipes from Costco, for solving that problem. 

Next, I needed something to hold the iPad. Again, luckily, we had some freezer bags from HEB that were the perfect size. Bonus points for having the ability to zip up enough to keep the iPad in while allowing access to the port for sound. I attached the bag to the box by stapling it to the top. I made sure that there would still be plenty of room for the iPad to fit before I stapled it. 

Finally, I didn't want the box to block the armrest so I cut off enough of the sides to allow for the armrest. I left the bottom panel to make sure it couldn't flop backwards. What resulted was the below:

The finished product. Also of note, you can still use all the touch functions on the iPad through the plastic bag, so you don't need to remove it when picking what to watch.

Note the cord coming out of the bag and into the USB access to the car sound system. You can't use bluetooth effectively because there is a slight delay between video and sound.

The result: entertained children. Success!


the blogivers said...

So handy, Bri! If we ever get an iPad, you are welcome to make one of these fancy mechanisms for us.

Brittnie said...

Genius! We needed this for South Padre as my arm was getting reeeeally tired from holding up iPad for hours on end.

Erika said...

Love it!! You are totally an inventor!! :)

Natasha said...

I am definitely getting Dave to make this for our potential trip halfway across Canada next summer. What a brilliant idea!