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Monday, September 14, 2015

Can't stop, won't stop moving

As most of you already read about in Allison's post, we did, indeed, spend a few hours in the presence of Taylor Swift last Wednesday evening. The verdict? Although the cheese factor was high, she put on a good show. She mostly sang her new stuff, but did throw back with 3 of my favorites: "Love Story," "Mean," and "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together."

The guest was Wiz Khalifa, which was admittedly a disappointment, but his appearance was so brief that it didn't take away from the amazingness of the rest of the show. So all in all, my inner 13-year-old is pleased... not to mention very appreciative to Brian and Wade for the tickets/babysitting/chauffeuring!  

We were imitating all of the young girls taking strange selfies but it jut ended up looking like we were trying to take a cameo of that guy behind us... oops.

Loved this song, but also loved that the video showcased the LED bracelets that everyone wore that were programmed to go with the music!

After a couple of days of recovering, it was time to face the weekend and if I'm being honest, we kept ourselves so busy that I still don't think I've had a chance to rest and catch my breath. Good thing I now have the work week to recuperate, right? No.

We kicked the weekend off with Mexican food with the Olivers (such a rarity, I know) and shoe-shopping for the little ones. Clara was totally pumped about this idea and gleefully danced through the aisles exclaiming, "My shoes!" Colby... well... didn't. He was angry every time we took a pair of shoes off and angry every time we put a pair of shoes on. And since that's pretty much how shoe-shopping works, he wasn't a happy camper. He was, however, excited to run into his new pal, Chewbacca, at Target:

And I was excited to find that StrideRite has a line of kids' shoes at Target - who knew? But as a side note, misspelling your product name does not make me think you are credible. "Surprize"? Really? As in, "Surprize! We can't spell accurately so we probably don't do other things accurately either!"?

Other side note: we were in two separate cars so we moved Colby's car seat into Brian's truck and Clara rode around in the car with me. We've never actually done this before and after the 5-minute drive from Target to the first store, we got out of the cars and when Clara spotted Colby, she yelled across the parking lot, "I MISS YOU, BUBBY!" And I died right there of the sweetness.

Speaking of sweetness, we ate a lot of donut holes this weekend. Random, yes, but also awesome. Here are the twins on our stroll to Shipley's (because again, if you walk somewhere to get food, the calories do not count):

Pre-donut holes

Mid-donut holes

Brian and I ditched the twinkies on Saturday night and joined some friends for dinner, dessert, and a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity. It was a fun night away but someone didn't think it was the best idea ever:

Fortunately, she got over it before we left and as always, ended up enjoying her time (and more donut holes) with Mimi and Granddaddy (and Colby, of course). Meanwhile, Brian and I made sure to document the rare occasion that we were both well-groomed outside of working hours:

Sporting our maroon for game day, duh

Sunday was spent churching, napping, enjoying the excellent change in weather (peace out, humidity, see you again never in a day or so), and for Brian, watching the Texans play. When we first turned the game on, Colby looked at the screen and said, "I wanna see Aggieland!" And that is how we know we're succeeding as Aggie parents (though we obviously still want to make sure and instill a love of NFL football as well).

I don't know about you, but I definitely wouldn't want to run into this shady biker gang (still dressed in their Sunday school attire) in a dark alley...

Happy Monday, friends!


the blogivers said...

(I want to comment but the Zyrtec I took at 5pm yesterday has zapped me of my strength and brain power, so this is all you get.)

Brittnie said...

Fun weekend! So cute that Clara missed Colby after just a few seconds of car separation! :)

Brandi said...

I recently discovered the Surprize too! Only after I had bought the real deals at Stride

Emily said...

I'm so jealous of your T. Swift concert! She annoys me as a person but I truly love her music (new and old!) and I've heard she puts on a fantastic show. She's come to Philly several times before but all my friends are out of the concert-going mode, boo!

Erika said...

Fun fun!! I haven't been to a concert in a really long time, but TSwift sounds like a lot of fun!

Brittany said...

I love the second picture of you and Allison from the concert! Haha! I also love all of the festive Aggie attire!

Natasha said...

I saw someone wearing a Texas A&M shirt at Starbucks today (where I was ordering a caramel frap!) and it felt like you and Allison were saying "HI!"

Also sibling love is the best thing ever. I melted today when Rachel wanted to find Sam to tell him to have fun on his play date after school.

And in case you didn't read my blog yesterday, a Blue Jays fan parodied "Blank Space" for the Jays, "First Place," and I have been watching it non-stop so the song is running through my head non-stop.