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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The weather (Week 10)

Apparently the purpose of this week's challenge was to bore you to tears. And because I'm talking about the weather in Houston in August, apparently the purpose was also to depress you.

Our current weather can be described with three key words:

1. Hot
2. Muggy
3. Disgusting

Imagine my delight on Saturday morning when I was about to go running and saw that it was a cool 77 degrees outside:

Now imagine my disappointment when I scrolled down and saw the humidity level:

The good news is that a "cold front" is making its way through this week, and in addition to rain, we are also going to experience more mild temperatures. Sadly, "more mild" = high around 90 degrees instead of high around 98 degrees. 

What's my favorite type of weather, you ask? Cold and cloudy, but still dry. So basically I belong in the mountains.

So what's everyone else's ideal weather like? Any of you crazies out there prefer this sweltering heat? 


the blogivers said...

My ideal weather is 99 degrees with 99% humidity and no clouds. Does wonders for my hair!

Emily said...

Reasons I will never move to Texas:
1. Size of spiders.
2. Your weather. Ugh. That is absolutely horrible. I'll take my single-digit winters over THAT any day.

Brittany said...

Blah - so over it!

kayla Agan said...

My children are currently raising themselves. I truly cannot handle the weather!!!!!

Brittnie said...

I cannot handle freezing cold, but also cannot handle this level of heat and humidity, so I am not really sure where I belong. Maybe I am just too picky??

Erika said...

Hahaha last weekend I was going to spray paint this little table thing. I read the side of the can of paint and it was like "paint outdoors in a well-ventilated space. Paint when the temperature is between 50 and 75 degrees and the humidity is less than 65% for ideal drying conditions" or something and I was like WELL, THAT WILL BE NEVER, SO I'LL JUST DO IT NOW...while it's about 95 and 5,000% humid. It went fine, so I think that the paint people are just dumb. And don't want to sell paint to half the country.

Natasha said...

I will stop complaining about our "heat." I don't go running if it's any hotter than 20C (which is about 68F) and that includes the humidity.